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The gigantic dispersion trap


If there is a trap that entrepreneurs tend to fall into, it is the trap of dispersion and much more if, as it happens today, businesses have some area of technology, since applications, systems and so on, you can spend all the time in the world and only know it a little more after having spent hours and hours on it.

Dispersion, the Trap

Jhefferson Santos at Pexels

But the worst are those who get caught up in the dispersion with lots of business, thinking that time is easy to adapt to itself and that with a little time of dedication to each business, you will be able to get the business ahead.

Serious mistake, The reality is that you can adapt the time to you if you are in full physical and mental faculties and with the energy high enough to tackle anything, we are human and humans do not have alkaline Duracell batteries to put on, if we can take care of ourselves, exercise, take healthy food and so on

But the reality is that our energies can be carried away by many things, a meeting with friends in which one does not go well and affects others, a blow with the car that you did not expect, and although you may have come out unscathed, now you lose time in workshops and others, etc., there are many things that can make you that time goes away and that are in your circle of concern, that is, in the circle that you can not control


Avoid dispersion

That is why it is important that you avoid dispersion in the subject of business, focus all your effort on a type of business that allows you to think and devote 24 hours a day (if you can) to it, or if not, the time you can devote to it but dedicated in a concentrated way.

At the beginning, it is like when you have a bicycle stuck in the mud and the wheels slip

No matter how hard you push the pedals it will be difficult to get the bike out of the mud, but if you stop to think and dedicate some time to it, you realize that if you put a stone at the base of the wheels maybe they can grab and get out, and indeed when you do it works, but maybe the mud is much more extensive than a simple puddle and you fall back into the same problem, in short and it is always a sum and follows until you get to more or less firm ground and suddenly the bike starts to run, and all the effort previously dedicated has its reward

Dispersion and support

That’s when you realize that when you see someone in a puddle, the puddle of dispersion, it is more important to tell him to think and concentrate on how to get out than to throw him a rope to help him, if you do the second you will save him 100 meters, if you do the first you will make him succeed if he puts enough effort.

But above all, do not think of leaving home with 3 or 4 bikes at a time, because if you do you will find that no matter how much you think and how much technique you have in getting the bikes out of the mud, maybe the problem you have is that you run out of strength, unless …. unless you have a great team with you, unless you have a team that moves each of the bikes and another team that tells you how to move them and where to go for the rocks so that the bikes come out at their best and an anti-mud system for bikes that is very efficient, and without fictitious dispersions.

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