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What your attitude needs to be to Exit the Rat Race in Real Life 2023

Carrera de la Rata
Rat Race, what a bad phrase, yet it is real and 95% of the population lives in it daily. But what does the rat race consist of?

Well, it is how you live on a salary that you receive at the end of the month, and that ends up in the hands of the bank where you have the mortgage, in the hands of the electricity and water company, in the hands of the bank that granted you credit and that in the end leaves you with 10 euros in the bank account, hoping that no extra expense arrives so that they do not take it away or leave you in the red.


But getting out of the Rat Race in Real Life is feasible and not that difficult, although it does require a major change in one’s attitude.

And what are the things that need to be changed in a major way to get out of the rat race?

rat race

On the one hand, you have to eliminate thoughts, people, time, and things that take time away from your goals.

1.- Attitudes towards your training:

You have to understand that traditional and formal training is one more way to build your mind, one more way to have knowledge, but in many aspects it is stagnant and maybe it is not the one you need the most, among other things, because that training is designed to train you to do things or to give solutions to others, but not to apply it to yourself.

You need to think for yourself and think about what is the most appropriate training or the one that most interests you to get out of the rat race; you only know that no one can tell you. To get out of the rat race means to start thinking for yourself.

You have to train yourself in subjects that, besides being passionate about, allow you to have ways to generate ideas by yourself, that allow you to train with other people with the same interests and that each idea serves to add to your project, and above all that the people with whom you get together are creative in this subject, you can make many people expert in something usually the problems are not only solved with experts, many times creativity counts and at a time like this much more.

The speed of the things you can achieve is absolutely unstoppable, every week will seem like a month and you will see everything as an investment even if you have not managed to monetize it yet, sooner or later, that way of monetizing will appear.

So that you can monetize sooner or later, I recommend that you train yourself in Financial Education, it will allow you to have clearer things in mind to move forward and to see how to work. I also recommend that to get out of the rat race, you read this post of mine called Main Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom.

2.- Attitude towards negative things in your contacts:

One of the greatest assets you can generate in your life is contacts, but EYE, learn to select them; that is vital; one of the big problems to get out of the rat race is that you will find many people without ideas and without the ability to think beyond a merely technical vision and will try to take advantage of that training previously mentioned that allows you to think to get out of the rat race.

I remember in the year 2000 when the .com bubble burst, there were many “luxury early retirees” who were huge time wasters.

Now it is happening the same way, in times of crisis, many who were years and years behind in companies suddenly begin to appear like mushrooms, most do not have relevant economic problems, but if they have an essential need to have an armchair with some name, since it is difficult for them to be someone by themselves, eliminate them from your contact list, they are harmful, they will waste your time on your way to get out of the rat race.

To get out of the rat race, you need some focus on issues that are productive that generate value, EYE on that point, because also, in the field of contacts, you can find people with an important need for money that will do anything to use you, eliminate them too, if people have not learned to control their spending is their problem, not yours. To focus on your way out of the rat race, eliminate things that subtract from you, you may at first think that they add to you, but if you see that they subtract from you, stop them.

WARNING, one of the things I have learned over the years is that those who sell names and contacts when they are not asked or in environments or contexts that are not appropriate are far from getting out of the rat race; they are lost and will waste your time for sure, it is normal for a young entrepreneur to do so, but someone who is not, it means that seeks recognition or money, out with them because they are dangerous to get out of your rat race.

Focus on people who have things clear, who seek to add and who are willing to add value to the things you do, and who also value what you do by offering ways to achieve new goals together, these people will be great allies to get out of the rat race.

Thank the contacts that add business or income options and, of course, if you can, give them back those business or income options, they are things that, every time you execute them, make you bigger, and you will attract without hesitation interesting people, and many of them may already be out of the rat race.

Say what you think respectfully, whether it is positive or negative about someone, you know that people who talk badly end up falling, it is not worth getting into those lines. But if, make your position clear at all times and do it discreetly, it is something that will make you stay focused on the rat race and stop wasting time.

Try to help as many people as possible through your way of thinking translated into books, stories, blogs, etc.; people will thank you and will allow you to clearly define where are the people who will bring you value both to get out of the rat race and to do business later.

3.- Attitude towards your own Valuation:

To get out of the rat race, make yourself be valued, and do it also letting yourself be used whenever you get to benefit from it, otherwise eliminate who uses you for their benefit, such profiles sooner or later fall under their own weight and may try to drag you in their fall, I have already seen many with situations like this, and they are big losers of your time to get out of the rat race. But above all, value yourself; it is the only way to know and interpret what is going on around you.

Attitude towards business opportunities: To get out of the rat race, you need to have an open mind towards business opportunities and play to win and not play to lose, this implies that to play to win and get out of the rat race, you have to be willing to take certain risks, but the reality is that these risks will make you wiser and wiser, especially if you have been given good milk to run them and you will know better and better what to do to get things.

Investing is something positive to get out of the rat race, but if that investment does not become an expense, whether you invest money as if you invest time or other resources, give yourself a reasonable time to recover that investment; if you see that you will not be able to do it or the thing gets uphill, directly start with a strategy of disinvestment, get out of the supposed opportunity so that it does not make you go back in your goal of getting out of the rat race and forget about it, do not waste time to see if it could or could not work.

It is important that to get out of the rat race, you forget your comfort zone and make the change something natural that does not allow you to fall into excessive comfort because if you do so it will become a habit, and that means that moving forward to get out of the rat race will be easy.

4.- Attitude towards the sources of income:

The attitude to get out of the rat race is simple, open as many as you can; for better or for worse, the income streams of good businesses can fall, and if they do so, you have to have other options open, if you do it half, right it is possible that even if you fall a stream of income, you can have others open and increase them quickly getting out of the rat race or stay out of the rat race.

Attitude towards the rat race itself: You have to think that being in the rat race has to be something circumstantial, in my case, I have managed to get out of it 3 times, if you do not have enough resources to deal with it or you get distracted for a while you may be dragged, but for that, you have to see how you can get out of it, get the idea that it is a maze and has a way out, your skill and your activity to take action depends on whether you get out of the maze or rat race before or after.

Once you have exited the rat race, the second time will be much easier. If you have to do it again, it will be even easier because what you learn by exiting the rat race is what you have to do so that this time is the minimum possible, and being out of the rat race becomes normal.

To avoid returning to the rat race, constantly open up new options and spend time observing meaningfully. Getting out of the rat race implies working intelligently, and I assure you that it does not mean working hard.

On the other hand, to get out of the rat race, you must focus on people, time, things, and thoughts that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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