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10 Key points of a Digital Customer Service System

digital customer service

Important points to hiring a digital customer service

We will explain each of these points.

1. Number of operators and where they work from

Nowadays the place from where the customer service operators work is not important, you can coordinate the work very well and they can operate from anywhere in the world. As the current systems are based on Saas (Software as a Service), they are systems that are in the cloud, where they connect daily to do their customer service work.

The work structure is organized internally and you can organize by customer request entry times, by keywords in the message, by specific areas that the customer has defined, etc.

The number of operators is important since normally the number of customer service operators will determine the price of the software, as well as the number of active customers, which is explained below.

Normally they usually divide these operator costs in round numbers, for example, x price for 5 operators, from 5 to 10 an additional price for each one, etc.

2. Include a bot that automates or is not part of the digital customer service

A point that users already require if or if, is to have an integrated chatbot or bot as it is commonly known that allows you to automate an important part of the tasks of customer information, in addition to offering an important immediacy in the form of interaction with the user that today is required by everyone since everyone wants everything immediately.

Another important point of the bots is that they can advance in their learning or you can provide them with the information you want and that can be more and more, so that the user can see that each time the bot solves more situations, this also helps the customer service agents are not only focused on answering customers, but they can also provide intelligence to the bot, and they stay in the back for when a person needs human interaction.

There is almost always a moment when people need to have another person on the other side or at least feel that a person is answering them. There are already chatbots that even have human behavior.

3. Ease of learning

Digital Customer service systems must be easy to learn, or at least the seller must be able to train in them in a simple way, they are becoming more intuitive, but that does not mean that there should not be a training service to facilitate learning, it is important that operators begin to be independent as soon as possible in their interaction with the customer.

We always emphasize this point because the beginning of a new way of serving the customer always generates insecurities and fear so that the customer does not feel mistreated or left behind and that makes them go to try another company.

The learning curve of both methodology and implementation must be as fast as possible, both by integrators and by the customer and especially by the digital customer service operators, in order to eliminate possible frictions in the implementation and start-up process.

digital customer service. customer service learning

4. Ability to organize the work

A work team with independent operators must have a well-defined job, allowing them to provide answers to the customer without having to be part of the process of organizing the requests, so a good organization of work prior to the implementation of the system is key, as well as a work planning when training and guiding the operators.

5. Integration with different digital customer service channels, such as social networks.

If there is something that has had enormous growth in recent times, it has been social networks and therefore it is necessary to be able to offer customer service from any channel that has interaction with the user since this allows us to offer a quality user experience in any channel and failure to do so may mean that we receive criticism for the lack of attention in any of the social networks.

User feedback is absolutely key when establishing our work systems, always bearing in mind that the best reward a customer can receive is good service, immediacy, and truthfulness of the information so that customers always have the feeling that they have been well treated and that companies comply with what they are told.

6. Oriented only to digital customer service or also to sales.

When you are in charge of organizing a customer service system many times the doubt arises to the client if he can send to his prospects or potential customers information related to products, services, or offers that he is incorporating, and for this, the answer is Yes and No. The explanation is that yes, from the digital customer service system the answer is Yes, from the digital customer service system.

The explanation is that yes, from the point of view that the systems have to be prepared to be able to inform you in compliance with the data protection regulations, since the customer when he comes to us to ask for information does it exclusively for that purpose and not to receive offers. However, depending on how the implementation is done, you may be able to send them offers later on.

The key is in the medium used to integrate with the digital customer service system. Our experience tells us that there are channels in which using them for these commercial purposes may involve problems of some kind in this regard, while if the integration and interaction system is adequate, the customer will appreciate the information sent.

7. Budget you have available

Of course, as always, the budget that the company that wants to implement the customer service system has is key, since it is possible to integrate from a simple system that forces an operator to be attentive to the customer all day long to a highly automated system that allows the operator to take action when dealing with a complicated matter or in a consultative process of closing a sale or final decision by a customer.

The best thing is that you explain to us what you want to use this system for and in what way and we can explain the possibilities that it allows you to use so that you can decide which of them best fits your budget, and in case you want to start with a small budget, you can leave it focused so that you can do it later in a simple way and that does not imply any problems or additional costs in the updating or expansion of the system.

8. Coordination with other areas of the company

Coordination with other areas of the company is important in the attention or support to the client since it is a department that although normally it is taken as independent usually has a transversal relevance, since the types of clients can contact this area for diverse reasons, and this department has to have the freedom to be able to go to any area to make him arrive any doubt, question or complaint raised by a client.

Repetitive answers can be automated through chatbots so that a large part of those first doubts, questions, or complaints can be automated so that the customer has immediate access at any time to the answers or solutions that the company can provide.

9. Number of active customers

The number of active customers allows us to know through customer support what is the activity of the company. Having a greater number of active customers is true that it increases the cost in the systems since on many occasions it is precisely through these systems that allow knowing not only the activity that they have but also which are their main reasons for that activity, whether it is purchased, complaints about products or services, interest in more information, etc.

Although customer care systems normally charge for active customers, it is also true that it is necessary to understand what active means. Normally active means that the customer has had contact with the company for a certain period of time, for example, from one month ago to the current date. If it is longer, and depending on the system, it can be understood that the customer is not active because his doubt, complaint, or question was solved at a certain time, before the deadline to be understood as active.

10. Business Intelligence and Analysis System

It is important that the customer support system allows you to generate statistics, both usage and terms in some cases, if not, it is important that operators can establish which are the biggest doubts, complaints, or questions that are made.

On many occasions, it is known that the internal communication of a company is not working as well as it should precisely in the interaction with the support systems, since the doubts or complaints can be constant in x areas.

It is also a very objective measurement system since it is not based simply on data of what other areas may think, but it is also based on clear data, with a number of interactions that can be counted and with a number of recurrences of a complaint that is constant.

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