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Avocado and avocado oil, a healthy alternative

El aguacate
Studies are emerging demonstrating the properties and benefits of many natural foods such as fruits, seeds, etc. that show that ancient wisdom could not be so wrong. And hence, social behaviors are appearing in favor of the use of natural materials in different ways in everyday applications


Avocado, and avocado oil, which results from the processing of the former, is one of these foods and products that are increasingly in demand. Why is that? For some time now, several studies have shown that avocado contains fats that, far from being harmful to health, as was believed, have turned out to be the opposite. The properties and benefits of avocado are many, and are the reason why its use has increased

El aguacate
Taryn Elliott at Pexels

Mainly these uses are related to healthier diets, given the avocado’s high nutritional value, its wide variety of vitamins, and the healthy saturated fats they contain. The other sector where its use is being widely used is in the world of beauty and body care. Mainly avocado oil used for skin and hair. Based on studies that talk about the benefits and properties of this food, different applications have been developed to improve the health of both skin and hair

Nowadays you can buy avocado oil in multiple places, from places like herbalists or herbalist shops, local markets, department stores, even through online sales

There is a worldwide fever about the use of this fruit, hence there are many applications that are appearing from it. Avocado being also full of potassium, fiber and “good” fats as we have said, is being a very versatile fruit for all kinds of solutions. Oleic acid is the monounsaturated fat that studies have shown to be healthy

It has been shown to be able to help reduce cholesterol, hypertension and therefore improve heart health. It has high levels of lutein, an antioxidant element that has been shown to benefit the eyes, reducing the risk of eye disease. It also aids the body’s absorption of nutrients, which is promoted by the presence of avocado fats

Another of its known benefits is to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis, as well as gum disease

And there is a set of benefits that have to do with the ability to improve the state of health of the skin, as well as stretch marks, scars,…. Avocado also neutralizes free radicals that can lead you to develop type 2 diabetes and heart disease. As we know, diabetes is often related to vision problems or cardiovascular problems. Hence, avocado and avocado oil are good companions for those people who are in these situations

We therefore conclude that avocado oil and avocado fruit are excellent health foods, and all kinds of positive benefits for the body, both from a nutritional and aesthetic point of view.

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