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How to create content without writing a word

crear contenidos, create content
There is no doubt, that creating content is no longer the king, it is the absolute emperor. Everything is starting to be oriented towards providing high-quality content, content that is generated by users and that generates value for its readers so that when they finish reading it, they will have gained at least a small piece of knowledge, a new idea or something that they have found fun, exciting or simply interesting

Nowadays, content can be generated in various ways or formats, and of course, still achieve the value-added objectives required by users and readers


what can you do to create content without using a single word?

1.- Take photos. There are already communities where photos are the main content, such as Pinterest, which is one of the most relevant cases, but also Flickr or many others in this line. In addition, if you are interested in getting those photos to have a good diffusion of your brand, you can make a small watermark with your brand or website and of course allow users to use or share it

2.- Make long videos. To make long videos you may have to have some technique in this line of content, but they are content that users really value. Getting video content that bring a good message gives them have great virality

3.- Make short videos. Short videos are usually very visited by users who want to have a message, learn or good time in a quick and curious or funny way

4.- Make Podcast. Podcasts are a type of content highly valued in vertical segments, where people can listen to the podcast in many places and in many supports, from mobile or an mp3 or mp4 to when they go in the car.

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