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Select the weapons that will help you achieve 2020 targets

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Weapons that will help you achieve your objectives

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We are entering the month of August, and it’s an excellent season for you, in case you have a slowdown in activity, to focus clearly on the coming months.

There is something that is happening in the online market in a significant way and that is the specialization that some social networks or weapons – tools and technologies – are entering.

So far these types of weapons have been defined as selectors of different markets, i.e. in the case of it has been clearly defined as a marketing and sales generator, in the case of Facebook more as a brand enhancer, in the case of slideshare type presentation systems also a key point of sales generation, i.e., there is beginning to be a certain specialization in these areas, regardless of whether they then sell their advertising more or less segmented on their platforms, but each tool is being defined for a series of specific uses.

If something ultimately defines the mission of a company, it is the germ generated by the product-use binomial, this will often mean that the company’s mission will require a broader or more focused approach to companies, and this provides great value from the point of view of the tools to be used.

It is important that you are clear about which ones generate the most value for you and that you start experimenting with which ones work more agile on your ROI, since both the use that you give to these platforms and the use that users and your potential customers want to have never have to be the same.

Moreover, many people are determined to use Facebook to sell, and the reality is that you can achieve this by segmenting in an important way, but the main reason why users enter Facebook is not to buy, it is to “make friends” or to meet their friends, so it will be much more profitable both in time and profitability for your product to buy Facebook advertising than to try to use your profile to sell

This specialization is taking place in an active way, in The Conversation Prism you have a good orientation in this sense, to me particularly Studying this approach has allowed me to use it in several business ecosystems in which I participate and has allowed me to focus the strategy in a more orderly way and much more thoroughly than I could do two years ago, for example.

Look for the tools that can really work actively to increase your ROI and focus on them, you will get much more out of your business in this line than thinking that you have to know all the tools out there, although users of large platforms will continue to grow or there will be more new users than users who unsubscribe, what is certain is that many begin to be defined by specific areas that allow them to work much better on their benefits.

In addition, being a specialist in specific tools will probably make you much more effective in the activity you generate than being a generalist in all platforms.

I remember at the time when I was linked to the automotive world in which there were many CAD systems (and still most of them) that specialized in achieving specific things on specific industry problems, there was a generalist which was the famous AutoCAD, and then there were specialized software such as the famous Tebis, Proengineer, SolidWorks, etc.

Each of them was very productive in something specific and then competed with the others in things for which they were not originally created but to which they gave solutions as well, in the end the reality was that customers who bought the systems were not customers who could buy any of them, but the purchase decision was defined between 2 or 3 systems of the many that existed because they were the most productive for their companies

And why is it important to specialize in systems that are productive? Well, on the one hand it is obvious, if you specialize you get more return, more juice to the weapons, but on the other hand, there is something that is not so obvious and in which most people do not fall when they have to think about the ROI, it is the learning curve aimed at the excellence of the particular tool, learning to use the tool very well takes time, often headaches and annoyances by mistakes or uses not well measured, etc..

That is worth a lot of money and today it is not yet being seen, but I imagine that a good Headhunter who does not know how to get 100% the use of LinkedIn may be a little lame, especially when he does not have teams to work with and those who have already moved from one company to another, or when he has to enter new or reconverted markets that require high-level professionals for the companies

If you want to focus on selling, focus on selling and use all the weapons – tools that you see that can be interesting, study reviews or tests or results achieved is something that is difficult to follow on a daily basis on a regular basis, but in dates like August in Spain that low activity is dates that you can use with little time to draw important conclusions that will make you be very effective in the coming months in your business or in your company.

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