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12 common points of Smart People

personas inteligentes
There are always intelligent people to learn from, and all of them have some common traits to learn from, possibly if you are reading these lines is because you are within this profile to a greater or lesser degree, and that will allow you to identify with all or almost all the points that describe intelligent people

Intelligent people have points in common that make them unite with each other often

personas inteligentes
Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels

12 common points of Smart People1.-They create and pursue smart goals, goals that are specific, that are measurable, that are achievable, that are relevant and that also have a time to be achieved. Smart people to focus on such goals know that they often need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve them, and if not, they seek to acquire that knowledge

2.- Smart people are decisive and take action, it is clear that many times if you do not have the right knowledge is important to get them, but that does not mean you can not grow professionally or personally, so you have to take action, action opens roads and also provides experiences that transform into knowledge, take action allows to advance in an important way

3.- Focusing on being very productive and not being very busy is another quality of intelligent people, using the resources that you can have at hand is important and use them in an appropriate way to be as productive as possible, the most important thing is to work smart not work hard, it is relevant for intelligent people that productivity is one of the maximum in everything they do, so it is very important to eliminate any kind of dispersion

4.- They make informed and logical decisions, decisions must be based on the largest possible parameters of information, therefore, being close to the information and knowing how to read and interpret this information is key for smart people, and therefore it is key to make logical decisions, that is, in which emotions have no option to intervene, decisions on data and information that open roads or allow to define results

5.- They forget to move until things are perfect, smart people know that nothing is ever perfect, so it is important to move and move forward even if things are not completely closed or are as perfect as possible, spending time for things to be perfect means that someone is going to move forward or that the opportunity may be lost

6.- They always work outside their comfort zone, smart people know that in order to improve every day you have to get out of the comfort zone and expand that zone constantly, that is one of the maxims of smart people who are also successful, so it is vital to constantly leave the comfort zone, it is a zone in which they do not allow themselves to fall

7.- They keep things simple and have a positive vision learning from their mistakes, intelligent people always have a positive vision of things and as intelligent people take care to keep the best of the experiences, even if they have been mistakes, from mistakes you can learn a lot. They also make things simple, people who complicate things in the end enter into lines of disrespect for the time, knowledge and effort of others that makes people run away from them

8.- They focus on small and constant improvements, and they follow up and measure their results, if something is important for smart people is to constantly improve, having their focus on those details that make things move forward and that each thing gets better and better. Small and constant improvements over time create huge advances. To know that progress is being made, smart people constantly monitor these improvements and measure the results so that they know how real the evolution they achieve is

9.- They use their time with the right people and keep their life with a balanced, the environment of smart people is essential, so spend time with the right people is something that makes you grow or that makes you that time is lost, so for smart people spend time with the right people is essential, in addition to learning, also to share things. And of course, having a balanced life is one of the most important things, family life, even spiritual and personal life is fundamental for intelligent people to have them balanced with professional life, that makes all the moments of life really important

10.- They act in a hyper curious way, something that characterizes intelligent people is their desire to learn and know things, so they act in a very curious way wanting to know more and more, this makes leaving their comfort zone something common or almost normal because learning and having real experiences involves living them

11.They silence their inner voice, that inner voice that does not allow you to move forward and always questioning things, to that inner voice intelligent people are responsible for silencing it to be always in action and move forward in everything they propose, for this it is vital to eliminate the inner voice that always appears in moments of decision in our reptilian brain and that tells us not to move forward in case something may happen to us, intelligent people know well that the fact that something may happen today means to stop moving forward and only if you stop moving forward problems may arrive, moving forward today is the right attitude.

12.- They focus on the message, not the messenger, it is important for intelligent people to understand what is happening, not who is reporting what is happening, whether it is positive or negative to be focused on the message is one of the things that makes intelligent people know how to analyze the right information. And this is important in what the messenger says as in what he does not say, that is, the message often comes complete but the messenger is who can vitiate it, so it is important to be focused on the message

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