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WordPress SEO Plugin 2014

Plugin para SEO. Boost Your Website's Visibility: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using WordPress SEO Plugin"
What today many are installing on their blogs is the plugin for SEO, Yoast for SEO, this is one of the best but not for this reason you should not stop paying attention to other plugins that the WordPress market has to offer because they provide other equally powerful options when it comes to getting more traffic to your website.

Plugin for SEO in wordpress

SEO Rank Reporter

Through this means it is possible to choose a series of keywords so that you can track them every 3 days according to the ranking before the giant Google.

It shows very complete graphs with all the statistics that reflect this information as well as allows email notification when it detects something unusual in relation to any of the words you choose. It is an excellent plugin for all those whose business depends on content generation.

WP Total Cache

If you want to eliminate the delay in loading your pages and have the content displayed faster for users then you have to install this plugin that among other things provides support for your CDNs, uses the cache to speed up loading by taking all the content to HTML avoiding requests to the server for PHP codes, etc..

As a disadvantage it has the configuration that can be somewhat complicated for a novice but the good thing is that it appears in English and always remember to practice on your test site in advance.

It also has options to minimize the code of the pages, objects and scripts of the same.

WP Optimize

Optimize your blog’s database (DB) by eliminating spam comments, rejected comments and blog post revisions while visibly decreasing the size of the DB.

Broken Link Checker

It is a plugin to validate which links on your site are actually pointing to a valid address. A frequent problem in many websites is the presence of what is known as broken links or links that do not exist, on which you click and you end up on the famous 404 page.

This is especially vital if you place several links to external data sources on your site. The plugin notifies you via email of all those broken links on your site, this way you also avoid being blacklisted by search engines.

WP Minify

It is another plugin that allows you to drastically speed up the loading of your pages, in this case what it does is to minimize the codes of Javascript, CSS and HTML files which is vital in the current network where the carousels of images and other elements take a long time to load due to the size of the files attached.

SEO Smart Links

Automatically links phrases or keywords to previous posts on your blog. You can also create your own keyword list, set nofollow attributes and other interesting options.

You know, put them into practice according to what you need to improve in your site and leave me your comments about it.

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