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What can you sell on the Internet?

Quite simply, anything that can be sold in the real world can be sold online.

The trick is to be creative enough to offer that product or service to potential customers in an intelligent way, and to tell your target audience that they can buy your products online.

There are very good initiatives in this sense, companies that have seen how effective it is to have clear objectives, place the right information on the Internet, define the appropriate payment mechanisms, promote the resulting web site and SELL.

Currently, the most sold products are information, software and books or magazines, but that is the norm. In addition, ski equipment, clothing, travel, hotel reservations, animal embryos and frozen semen are sold. You read that right.

Of course, using the Internet as a medium and having a minimum of initiative, you can make money and in fact there are people who are doing it now. The saying “he who gives first, gives twice and even three times” applies here as well.

Is there any product or service that is impossible to sell or promote on the Internet? I am convinced that there is not. In some cases you can offer the complete product, in others not, sometimes only the service as such is profitable, but the truth is that the limits are only in your imagination.

Currently, leading companies in the development of Internet business are launching initiatives that try to convince potential customers of the REAL possibilities of the network. In some time (hopefully soon) we will look back and see these initiatives as that scene where a man presents himself at the door of your company trying to sell you the phone and its benefits.

The day is coming when not being on the Internet will truly mean not being on the Internet.

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