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The 10 Indian commandments

mandamientos indios, Indian commandments

mandamientosThe truth is that the ancestral peoples marked an eternal wisdom, I loved this video in which they talk about the 10 Indian commandments that govern life, I found it very interesting.

mandamientos indios
Pixabay at Pexels

The 10 Indian commandments are:

1.- Treat the earth and all that lies therein with respect

2.- Stay close to the great spirit

3.- Show great respect for your fellow man

4.- Work together for the benefit of all mankind

5.- Give assistance and kindness wherever it is needed

6.- Do what you know to be right

7.- Care for the welfare of mind and body

8.- Dedicate a part of your efforts to good causes

9.- Be truthful and honest at all times

10.- Take responsibility for all your actions

These are the 10 Indian commandments. Human beings have not woven the web of life, we are just a thread within it, whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves

Everything is connected

Here is the video

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