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Mobile Marketing ensures customer growth in 2014

marketing móvil
Mobile marketing is the only marketing today that can arguably get a significant number of new customers especially for small businesses that are starting to use it as part of their marketing arsenal
marketing móvil
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It is important to keep in mind that mobile marketing brings a concept of immediacy to people who use the terminals and that makes them able to get a solution to their interests or needs quickly, and if they are mobile marketing customers who do local searches even more so, as this ensures that they can contact someone nearby and have a physical solution nearby

Mobile Marketing and Apps

On the other hand, incorporating a GPS system in a mobile application that places the customer at the exact distance from where he or she is to your business premises, office or points of sale or customer service ensures that there can be a flow of customers on a daily basis based on searches for a solution in a nearby environment

Additionally, mobile marketing also allows customer loyalty in an important way because through applications for reading qr codes or bidi codes customers can access offers and promotions that can change from one month to another and that the customer can read on your cell phone makes it yours, ie, has a certain sense of ownership and possession of that offer on your mobile, which also can only read them, because without a cell phone can not be read this bidi code, making this mobile marketing tool is increasingly used in multiple promotions

The creation of mobile marketing applications is becoming more and more accessible to companies through platforms that allow small businesses to develop mobile applications in a simple way.

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