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How to Learn English 100% Free Online for Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs

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It seems that one of the big problems that managers and executives have today in many countries where Spanish is the main language is how to learn English, the lack of knowledge of the English language or being able to use it fluently

The truth is that I see that for many people to start to see how to learn English is something like when we want to start doing those things at the beginning of the year that we never get, like quitting smoking, losing weight and those things, and I think it is simpler than it seems, regardless of the difficulty that learning a language can entail, but that people make it even more complicated.


How to Learn English in a Practical Way

como aprender inglesIn my case, something that helped me when I was around 25 years old or so to keep and even improve my English was to attend some days in the afternoons to the Irish Pubs where many afternoons there are sessions between people from different countries and it helps you a lot to spend two or three hours talking about different things with other people in English, and sometimes you meet people with whom you can even do business, so it is something that I encourage anyone who wants to do it.

I recognize that there was a moment after returning from my studies in Boston, in 96, that I was leaving the language and for several years I did not practice it much, and having a teacher during specific sessions also helped me a lot to regain fluency, but what has helped me most, without a doubt, is not being afraid to make mistakes, the fact of seeing how learning English implies that people usually make an effort to understand you, normally.

How to learn English On-line and Free

There are more and more resources dedicated to learning English for Spanish speakers, some that I have found interesting are:

To Learn English: An absolutely huge community of more than 2 million users who want to know how to learn English on-line and who have lots of interaction formulas, situations, etc. It is one of the most interesting resources you can find, especially for the options to meet and share with colleagues.

Talk English: An interesting resource with lots of options for learning English and the truth is that they seem to achieve their goal in a good way, they want everyone who learns with them to be able to speak fluently. They also apply their training method to other languages such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc.

Free English Study: With some interesting strategies to achieve learning through different tactics of listening, writing, writing, speaking, etc.

Learn English Online: With quite a few introductory lessons on various topics, it is very introductory but also puts a lot of emphasis on pronunciation.

There are also some paid resources, which are still interesting, and that for little money allow you access to many learning options, such as:

English Town: Very interesting, and they also have some offers with Groupon, which considerably reduces the costs of some of the training packages they have.

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