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Investing Without Money, The capitalization of knowledge 2022

invertir sin dinero. Investing Without Money
Investing without money will be a great option for many people. The situation that the world is going to live in no more than a year is going to be complicated, Spain is a country that is going to suffer considerably, and the forecast for the year 2020 of the employment situation in Spain is at least sinister

A 30% of the population is below the poverty line, 30% with really tight salaries, 20% of the population with a thousand-dollar salary, 10% with high incomes, and 10% with very high incomes


Changes and market knowledge

Additionally, it is expected that the changes that are occurring in a really high way are changes that are complicated to manage and to achieve the minimum necessary adaptation for many companies. Many of them have an imperative need to enter the Internet to survive, however, time is running out and it is necessary that those who take this step do it with security and a good guide, since the time that many of us have dedicated to know and apply the vision of the Internet in the companies is a time that will not return, the mistakes of the use of the network are going to pay more and more expensive

However, there are many businesses that could have an excellent future developing their activity in the digital field, and this is an excellent possibility for the investment strategy that can be developed at this time by knowledgeable profiles of the medium.

Knowledge and its possibilities to invest without money

I have begun to propose to some companies the possibility of entering their shareholding in exchange for directing the company in the digital area, Directing in the digital area is even more than directing the company, since any corporate area directed by a vision of digital strategy has a tremendously broader scope than any area of traditional strategy that today would remain only as an area of partial strategy of the company, this implies inability to real analysis of the situation, although it can be useful from a methodological point of view

The response I have started to receive has been quite amazing, entrepreneurs who want to bet with their business and go from talking to you when you see them about “we have already started to sell!!!” to things like “so…are you going to enter the shareholding and plan to leave in five years?” they are amazed that your vision is that of entry and exit

Investing without money. Capitalize on knowledge and the right timing

This is a time when with the right decision many companies can go a long way and, of course, it is an excellent time to capitalize on knowledge and invest based on this approach

Experience has value and the fact of having that value within companies gives many of them the ability to move forward, however, not all of them see it, but those who are able to understand that this experience can help them catapult them are companies worth investing in, in the end, it is always people who make investments effective or not.

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