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How to build a profitable blog

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Some people are asking me how to make a profitable blog, The truth is that this there is no specific technique that gives perfect results, but I would like to contribute something of value in this line, especially when you are going to set up a profitable blog that is defined from scratch, as in my case I do with some sectors or niches in which I work.

1.- Select your business niche. This is vital if you want to have a profitable blog because it will be where you get those willing to pay for services or products that they will see as an investment. A good post that you can use for your profitable blog is How to Select Very Profitable Business Niches

2.- Study your target very well. If you do not study well your target, your blog will not be profitable, details such as the time of release of the same, seasonality of the buying process, etc, you will have it complicated, so you have more information I refer you to my post on the approach of your target for your profitable blog

3.- Study products or services that your target sees as an investment. There are lots of ways to get products that your target will be very interested in, but there are so many that it is important that you understand that your profitable blog will work when you choose the most suitable ones or you can create your own and turn them into your star product. Also reaching agreements with third parties or promoting affiliate products can give you a good income advantage

Be careful, there are many companies or professionals that start with this step as the first step to follow and many times between the product you choose or create and what your target wants there is an important gap


To have a profitable blog in the end are concrete steps and methods and of course, to keep testing

4.- Plan the contents of your profitable blog. Before you start writing with the first thoughts that you think may be the ones that will make your target go crazy with your product, completely unrealistic things, what you have to do is a planning of the content you want to try, it is possible that when you start to have a good experience you can do it without that planning, but initially do not even think about it or on the third day you will not know what to post

A good way to get ideas for your profitable blog is to select a series of searches in Google Alerts, for example, and that will make that in addition to planning you get fresh ideas to post about within your niche

On the subject of content, there are several formulas of work, I recommend that if it is a personal blog or in which you promote your personal brand you post that brings high value and credibility to your personal brand, in the blogs of specific niches you can see to outsource the content, which today can be obtained at excellent prices and this is one of the things that take away by far, because to get a profitable blog your time has to be focused on marketing, not content only, although if it is a personal blog your content can also be used as a marketing

And one last way that many bloggers use for niche topics is content curation, which can be a good formula, as long as you add content of real value in the content you curate

5.- Look for conversion. This is fundamental if you want to make a profitable blog, you need users that in the end convert in some way, This implies that it can be through offering a subscription service in exchange for some “ethical bribe” which is what is technically called giving away something in exchange for a subscription

But above all, make sure that the users who subscribe get something of great value, something that is really worthwhile, that way you will be placed in their shortlist (list of preference of brands), making your blog a profitable blog when they start receiving proposals for products or services that you offer

6.- Automate and systematize processes in communication with the user, if you really want to get a profitable blog this is the main point that makes profitability exist, introduce systems that automate communication with the user, such as autoresponders, and make them get the best content you can produce, in addition to those you already produce on the blog on a regular basis

Systematization is one of the things that offer a high profitability to your profitable blog since it allows you to compress time to the maximum in your generation of ideas and content and to direct them to your target audience in the most effective way possible

These points are in broad strokes what make your blog a profitable blog, Apply them as everything takes your technique, but it is not very complicated, you just have to spend a little time at the beginning

7.- Be constant in publishing content. Thousands of blogs are not profitable because of this point too, since there is no consistency in the publication of content, we may talk about publishing weekly, fortnightly or daily, but these periods are important, and are not only valued by users and readers, they are also valued by search engines that index you and make people find you in searches

8.Work the keywords with the Adwords tool, is something I do whenever I publish a post, mainly to know what kind of positioning can get a particular post, I do not always do it for positioning, but to have a guide, what is convenient is that when you choose your keywords you do not spend too much with the issue of densities of the same, there are niche blog contents that are spent with the optimization of the post, in this case, it is important that what you write is optimized but not over-optimized, for two reasons the first because you will drive the user crazy and the second because you can be penalized by search engines, in fact, it is something that lately are beginning to take into account.

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