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The Heroes Club: You too can be a Hero 2014

heroes club
Next Friday, March 14th, The Heroes Club will hold an interesting event in which it will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to become real heroes, with the possibility of having access to important mentors and representatives of important Spanish companies.

The Heroes Club has also signed important agreements with investment companies that will allow the projects presented in the Club to obtain important investment options.

What is The Heroes Club?

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“Our environment has changed and, in this context, it is important to have new formulas to access markets and resources to promote the growth, expansion or consolidation of companies“.

This thought, expressed by the businessman Aurelio García de Sola, is the starting point for the creation of The Heroes Club, a club whose main objective is to transform the ecosystem in which companies develop, thus improving their prospects and opportunities in an increasingly global market.

A change of perspective, a positive and constructive attitude and the sum of efforts are the factors that have made the international platform The Heroes Club possible.

The Heroes Club is a new network for small and medium enterprises, start-ups and large corporations. ICT, health and biotechnology, sustainability and environment, and infrastructure projects, with one common characteristic: they are agents of change and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business people who believe that a change of course is the key to economic recovery.

Members of The Heroes Club receive personalized advice on their business projects, support and mentoring to access new markets or financing.

In addition, the Club is a physical space that hosts networking events and activities focused on business creation, forums, showrooms, investor outreach and elevator pitches.

A highlight of this ambitious project is the Mentor Council, the Club’s star initiative, which consists of various relevant personalities from the business world, both national and international, whose mission is to accompany and advise members in their business careers.
in their business careers.


Key elements of the Heroes Club

The Club’s main strategy is based on creating the best ecosystem for the Club itself, in order to have among its members the main drivers of business development and opportunity creation.

To this end, it has the following elements:


Associates can carry out their projects in this innovative ecosystem, develop new strategic alliances for their businesses and collaborate with public and private agents that favor their competitiveness. Small and medium enterprises, start-ups and large companies can be part of the club. In terms of sectors, companies specialized in ICT, health and biotechnology are the main target.
Companies specialized in ICT, Health and Biotechnology, Sustainability and Environment, Leisure and Entertainment, both national and international.


We have partners specialized in “transforming ideas”: financing (public and private), market access, academics and intermediaries, both national and international.

International network to identify opportunities

The Heroes Club has a network of partners specialized in accessing specific markets to identify business opportunities. The United Arab Emirates, USA, Europe, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru are the Club’s main target markets.
Markets that, thanks to this exclusive network, are accessible with a high guarantee of success.

We also have a special focus on the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, the largest public investment program to boost research, innovation and competitiveness.

Mentoring Council: Flagship Initiative

The Heroes Club’s flagship initiative is a mentoring service for small and medium-sized businesses. Entrepreneurs with recognized professional experience guide and advise Club members in different sectors and business areas.

Depending on their area of expertise, they guide members in ICT, health and biotechnology, or renewable energy, helping them to turn their business around, adopt new approaches, and guide them in entering new markets.

We believe there is great value for our companies to be mentored by successful entrepreneurs who know first-hand what it takes to win.

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