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Google Trends and Market Predictions 2014

google trends

As you may have noticed if you are a regular user of Google Trends, there has been an interesting change in this powerful Google tool in the last few weeks.

It is a tool that I use on an almost daily basis to track the trends of certain products, services, news, etc., and to identify business opportunities in various areas.

One of the things that can be seen in many areas is that specialized knowledge begins to create business niches or business verticals that are larger than the generic ones, that is, as could happen a few years ago with television programs, where an OT stood out and general programs remained stagnant in the audience.

And how can you analyze this with Google Trends?

Well, let’s imagine that we want to know what is the trend of the search “marketing courses”, which to give you an idea, the estimated cost per click in the generic of this search, i.e. in the search “marketing courses” is about 7€ per click and in “online marketing courses” is about 10€ per click, a cost that certainly does not go unnoticed, although with optimization you can get around 1.5€ per click in Google search.

If you look at the graph extracted from Google Trends, you will see this:
Where you can clearly see that the tendency to search for “marketing courses” has been decreasing in recent years, possibly because of the amount of information that exists on the Internet on this topic, but also because of the need or interest to specialize in certain areas of this segment, for example in “facebook courses”, where this comparison is made by Google Trends:

As you can see, the data speak for themselves, the search volume of one has an absolutely different trend, one up and one down.

But Google Trends also allows us to analyze what is the forecast for the coming months of these searches, and if we make the comparison again, but analyzing with Google Trends the forecast gives us the following data:

Where you can see that the trend of the first is to maintain, but the trend of the second is to continue to grow. This is happening in many market segments because there are certain players who have the ability to take the market and make the global market part of their own market.

In any case, I think Google Trends is an excellent tool, the changes in the last months have been for the better from my point of view and it is worth using it at least from time to time to know the trends of searches on which Google Trends can give you some relevant data.

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