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Education model. My 7 reasons why there should be a new model.

modelo de educación

Education model. Lately, education in Spain has been undergoing important changes of various kinds. From an institutional point of view, a series of adjustments are taking place based on the lack of education in the real world of both leaders and educators themselves.

Nowadays, seeing how education is developing in different parts of the world, Spain is staying in a model of education for those who will always work for others and is not moving towards education to prepare leaders for the future.

But the problem is not only of institutions, but also of families who in many cases are very unclear that an important part of the education model should be developed at home, and not only at school.

I have to clarify that my point of view is completely external to the official educational institutional environment, which I do not know, but which I share with many people who are completely anchored in the past.

modelo de educación
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1.- Young people with important studies are not finding any work, and many have mortgaged their future for many years.

Young people not only in Spain, in many countries have a very high unemployment rate, they have no place to move forward among other things because the labor options have been cut above and below, that is, for people over 50 and for those under 30, so the options are being to develop self-employment or create companies.

It is true that the education model is not oriented to create companies in Spain, rather the opposite, education in all its areas is oriented to generate workers for others, and that should change, of course not radically, but by offering options from basic education and that the individuals themselves are the ones who are taking their future options for themselves, today there is only the option of ending up working for others.

If many of these young people, even if they are oriented to work for others, had an adequate financial education model, they would have important options to not be simple social pawns, but to make decisions about their own lives, which today are made for them by others.

2.- There are education movements in many places that will generate important competition at the professional level all over the world.

There are many education movements that are going to create leaders and those will be the ones who will lead the world in the future, one of the ones that I personally like the most is the evolution of one of the Official Richdad Clubs called Rich Grad, which is oriented to teach financial education in schools and universities through the CashFlow game, and it is some students who teach others how to advance from a financial education point of view.

When several people have a similar core of thinking, they have an enormous capacity to generate synergies that means that they do not have to know each other before doing business, but the basis is always the same, and that offers a priceless wealth from the point of view of achieving joint objectives.

Personally, the people with whom I have done the best business in my life are people I have known for a long time and who in the end have many things in common or people who have the real Richdad philosophy (and also put into practice in a real way, not simply in an educational way) with whom I have not needed much time to do things together and usually with good results.

3.- The excessive institutionalization of education has made the system itself very little dynamic.

Education in Spain is excessively institutionalized. It cannot be that a country stops for almost 3 months a year because educators have to have vacations, in theory 1 for training, but let’s be realistic that they are trained in this time may be 1% of educators, the rest have a very accommodated profile.

Additionally these areas of education are very biased from reality also by institutions such as unions that in Spain, in a high percentage are geriatric professionals absolutely obsolete and with a huge inability to adapt to the real world, dinosaurs led by social lapas whose only reality in the coming years is or reconvert very seriously or disappear, and this reality should occur as soon as possible, if not, this is a failure as a country because they can not offer educational solutions to the future of the country.

In addition, it is necessary that the education system is formed by people who can offer a real image of the world, people who have lived the culture of effort in all areas, and one of them in the entrepreneurial field.

4.- The false belief of families that everyone has the right to higher education.

Yes, everyone has the right to be educated as long as they make an effort, not when they are given things for free. It is clear that the last 20 years in Spain have created, compared to previous periods of time, a number of well-off people who have been born with “too many rights” (those that everyone has plus what the families and they themselves take), and that makes no sense whatsoever.

Families should inculcate in their children the culture of effort from the base. Otherwise, what they will create are social lapas that will have no place anywhere.

The typical “I want to give my children what I did not have” is something that not only does not work, but if you do it you will find people who will not have any future in the coming years, where now there will be far fewer job and career options for many more people who want to get them, that means competition and there will always be people struggling to get jobs or places to be located, if not taught from the base the culture of effort these people will be nobody tomorrow

The culture of the open beak and the “screw me” is something that those who follow it are likely to end up in the greatest misery. We must take action and teach children how to face problems and look for solutions.

5.- The cost of the lack of an education model for the future or the cost of ignorance is excessively high.

It is necessary an education model that offers real options to individuals, with values and generating a new culture of diversity in all areas, possibly for the market of leaders is very good to have a flock of sheep who do not want to be trained and that the only way they know to complain making demonstrations, but let’s be realistic, the real changes are generated when people are given the option to become who they want to be, and for this it is important to have the right foundations.

If in order to be able to compete with countries like China or India, we have to limit ourselves to lowering the wages of the low-skilled labor force, what a failure Spain is going to be. The reality is that what I wrote a few years ago about the situation that will remain in Spain after the crisis is not very far from the current situation: Who has taken my cheese is a reality in Spanish businessmen.

And it is precisely in times like these, times of crisis and change when those changes should be appropriate from the base, from education, making children begin to think in a way that allows them to have to decide for themselves in the future.

6.- Every time the weight of the formal education model is less and less socially and offers less guarantees for the future.

The speed of the changes that are occurring in recent years in the world and in society makes formal education less and less effective and with fewer guarantees for the future, perhaps a significant decrease in the number of options for this type of education and incorporation of new forms of learning would be appropriate, more and more the “what are you going to use your time for” will be more important, so it should be used in education precisely so that people advance as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, a young person learns more in 1 hour surfing the internet than in 1 week in a school.

Therefore, it is important to make learning the key to education, not the teaching of classes, but learning, and that learning is generated in a real way making it become experiences that allow students to incorporate real skills in the way they act and make decisions, today this is no utopia, it is important to incorporate the experience of others as the basis of learning of the youngest, they know they can do and what decisions to make by experiences that somehow have already lived through others

7.- The lack of a mission in education is a great social, institutional and real burden

why do you want to study? If I had been asked this question 30 years ago, I would possibly have answered something like “Because I like to have fun with my friends at school or high school”, if I had been asked this question during my university days “Because I loved what I studied, I was passionate about it” and if you ask me now “Because I want to be better every day at what I like to do”.

And what I like to do has a personal and professional purpose, but I realize that if 30 years ago I would have had a purpose in mind, something worth doing something for, it is possible that I would have understood the “why of many things”

Well, this is one of the things that happens in society, that there is no “what for”, and in the end you have a profile of young middle class people without a job and that in order to be able to pay for their things, they dedicate themselves to hustling. Never in history has there been so much hustling as now (maybe in the post-war period, but for very different reasons).

This lack of mission in education also makes a culture of the individual much more valued than a collective culture, and it is not that it is bad, but this makes the respect for the others to be lost and in the end it is a stone against the roof of each one.


These are my 7 reasons why there should be a new model of education, what are yours?

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