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14 different paths that successful people have taken to achieve great things

personas exitosas. Successful people. The way to achieve success is very different from one person to another, success is seen from different points of view.
Success is something that everyone wants to achieve in one way or another in their personal and/or professional life, however, the way to achieve it is very different from one successful person to another, each one has had a key point that has been more important for that particular person than for another.

Successful people, the ways to achieve success are different for some than for others

14 different paths that successful people have taken to achieve great thingsAnd what were those different ways for each of the successful people?

1.- Study well where you can make your energy earth-shattering, and then focus on the 80/20 rule. The famous Pareto principle works, focus on 20% of the things that generate 80% of the results and you will get to be like successful people, most people are spending their time on 80% of the things that give them 20% of the results, that prevents them from getting ahead in the right way

2.- Thinking the right way is a matter of discipline, if you want to think well you have to work consistently on it, you have to focus your time and effort on thinking the right way and make it a habit, internal to yourself that allows you to be highly effective before starting any action, and if you make those thoughts of successful people are constant you will do that the results can be huge

3.- Smart thinkers expose themselves to different ideas and different types of people on a constant basis. The best thing that can happen to you is that ideas that are different from yours will allow you to improve yours or reinforce yours, and you will also get that by being with different successful people who think differently and who can bring you great value.

4.- It is good to have ideas, but it is not the same to have them as to take them forward. Every day you can come up with thousands of ideas, but having them is not the same as putting them into action, successful people are very focused on making ideas become realities

5.- The best thoughts need time to develop, it is important not to settle for the first thing that comes to your head, Successful people mature ideas leave them fallow, to develop strong and consistent, the first ideas may be the beginning of something important but you need to become successful ideas and take shape

6.- Smart people collaborate with other smart people. It is essential for successful people, to be in relationships with other successful people in reality or in potential, but that they are intelligent, It is not only useful to surround yourself with “smart” people, or that they are some lines, you need them to be intelligent, there are intelligent people and smart people, but in most cases the two situations do not always occur, you have to look for smart and intelligent people to surround yourself with successful people

7.- Leave aside what everyone else thinks. The thinking of successful people is like when Warren Buffet explained how he made decisions to exit investments, he said “if I get in the car and my driver talks to me about technology investments I know it’s time to get out of technology investments as soon as possible”. You have to think differently, successful people think either far ahead or outside of what others think

8.- The best thinkers plan ahead, and leave some room for spontaneity. It is important to plan and be clear about the direction of projects, but it is necessary to leave room for spontaneity. Successful people have the ability to offer experience and innovative ideas in that margin of spontaneity that allow objectives to be met in a much more efficient way

9.- To think differently, you have to do different things. You know the NLP maxim, if you always do the same thing you will always get the same thing, successful people think differently, study the best, adapt their actions to do different things that often others will not think of in life

10.- It is important to have an agenda, where you use one day to have all the meetings. It is important not to have meetings organized every day, make an effort to organize your meetings on specific days of the week, the rest of the time spend it on being productive. The meetings of successful people are direct and do not waste more than 45 minutes in them, do it this way, you will get a huge result

11.- It is good to reflect in order to have self-confidence and perspective on the decisions to be made. For successful people, having time to reflect is important

12.- Eliminate negative thoughts about yourself, all winners think “I can” and “I will”. Successful people immediately eliminate negative thoughts, if something has not gone well they see the positive side, what they learned and what has helped them to improve

And above all, when they want to move forward they focus on “I can do it and I will do it”, Arnold Schwarzeneggerr is an example of the things you have to think about to start doing things, there are NO LIMITS, the limits are set by you. I personally have a picture of Bruce Lee on my computer desk that says: Have No-Way as a Way and No-Limitation as a Limitation, and after thinking about it and reflecting on it, I think it is one of the most important phrases I have ever read in my life

13.- Optimistic people often have trouble thinking like realistic people. Successful people in most cases are optimistic people, but they clash with those who call themselves realists, who almost always see everything terrible

That is why it is important to be optimistic and look for people who think like you, it is the same thing that happened years ago to entrepreneurs, the family wanted you to be placed in a permanent job, your environment and friends do not understand you and only when you surrounded yourself with entrepreneurs you understood with people like you. Today the rest who were not entrepreneurs want to learn from entrepreneurs, and … at this moment, they have a lot to learn

14.- At the end of the day it is important to constantly realize that you can do anything. When the day is over successful people think they can do anything, the whole world is an opportunity for successful people, who look for formulas to make ideas become realities.

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