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How to create a CPA Marketing strategy

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Performance Marketing is leading to a new way of generating business models that a few years ago were not common and were restricted to a few

Currently one of the derivations of performance marketing is the CPA Marketing, is one of the most difficult segments by far in marketing and in which only the best operate, in addition to the fact that in its marketing it is necessary to start from minimum advertising investments, which makes 90% of the market is left out, and usually at the beginning and for a significant time these advertising investments are made with little success and losing a significant amount of money or rather, buying learning based on real practice.How to create a CPA Marketing strategy

How to create a CPA Marketing strategy


what does CPA Marketing consist of?

The CPA Marketing is the marketing based on CPA (Cost Per Action), cost per action, that action can be the achievement of a Lead or Registration, the achievement of an online sale, etc.. This has been done for years and in some sectors in a very active way

but what is the strategy behind this CPA Marketing model?

CPA Marketing lies in knowing how to create the most appropriate offer so that many distributors want to put it on the market. And when I say offer I do not mean product, but offer, that is, something that really gets the interest of the potential customer, that also seems of interest to the distributor, affiliate or CPA marketer as a sales product and that, of course, is an offer that converts in two stages, the first in the achievement of Leads, and the second in the achievement of sales

In my company, in order to develop an adequate CPA Marketing strategy we develop a series of key steps, which make our marketing campaigns work very well. To the point that many of the companies that ask us to advise them are directly discarded as clients if they do not know how to ask the right questions. These questions indicate that they have done their homework and that they have a more or less accurate idea of the objectives they want to achieve and the approximate path they want to follow, we help them to lay the foundations of their objectives and to market what they want to achieve

and why do we do this with CPA Marketing?

Quite simply, for us the CPA Marketing go-to-market strategy involves the following steps

1.- Preparation of the CPA Marketing offer, taking into account the market criteria at the base level, that is, at the operational level of market execution, with other areas, from the definition of the target in a very defined way to key points of purchase decision making, many companies do not know how to explain this, nor are their managers oriented to get this information, mainly because they are excessively product-oriented, which is normal in companies

2.- Creation of the initial creativities of the CPA Marketing offer, with several versions and split testing them with advertising investment. When you create the first creativities we guide companies to put them on the market and make a first advertising investment to know which are the versions that convert better, that way we ensure that these versions will be accepted by the sales channels and put on the market quickly. In this way we ensure that the CPA Marketing offer is really market oriented and not only product oriented

3.- Selection of channels to market the CPA Marketing offer, in this sense, to reach the market you have to study the different options that exist and for them we analyze the alignment of the CPA Marketing offer with the channel and with the way it is marketed

4.- Market execution of the CPA Marketing offer, in order to offer a good service at this point the CPA Marketing offer, besides having a non-perishable character, to get the largest volume of available market, it is important to offer many creative options to the channels, of all kinds, so that they can be used in different formats and that in the end can define a market penetration towards the target and also to achieve the positioning of the offer in the closest moment of the purchase decision making

In addition to these points, it is important that the CPA Marketing offer is as global as possible, that is to say, if the CPA Marketing offer can be positioned in world markets with its language versions, all the better, in this way we have seen cases in which e-commerce that were dedicated to selling thousands of products have ended up selling only a few but worldwide, the profitability is absolutely devastating, in some cases being able to be between 1:10,000 before 6 months.

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