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Content Targeting the new SEO 2014

content targeting
It seems that after the latest changes in search engines, and especially in Google, SEO has begun to undergo significant changes to the detriment of traditional SEO and after Content Targeting, in 1 year the techniques that were used have moved to second place

What is certain is that now the quality of the content will begin to prevail in a relevant way, content is the new tool that with the right techniques of content targeting will focus the effectiveness of many marketing campaigns, social media and sem

trans Content Targeting the new SEO 2014Content Targeting, Content is no longer the King, it is the EMPEROR

Valuable content will now have much more relevance than any other type of content and the relevance or not that this content may have the users of social networks will have much to do, since through their comments, votes or times that this content is shared content targeting will be more relevant to search engines

On the other hand, content targeting allows conversion to be much more effective than traditional seo options and has only one serious competitor in terms of conversion capacity, which is SEM. Of course, depending on the possibilities and knowledge that companies have, content targeting will be more or less

Content targeting will be very effective in terms of ROI for companies with high knowledge sharing capabilities and SEM will be much more effective in terms of ROI for companies that do not find it easy to share content (perhaps 95%) or for those that are not interested in doing so

This means that companies will have to invest in knowledge or they will have to invest in advertising, or in both, and the truth is that after having tested it in their own projects, investing in both at the same time will multiply the results in a very relevant way

Content targeting will be so relevant that many current online businesses doing seo may fall completely if they are not oriented in this line, and will be replaced by others that are currently far below them.

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