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The importance of conceptualizing your business ideas 2014

conceptualizar tus ideas

Conceptualize your ideas: Every day there are more and more people who want to set up their businesses, for a matter of necessity in some cases and for a matter of having new options in others, but it is curious how difficult it is to see for people that before getting into business they have to take into account where they want to go and to conceptualize their ideas, to give them meaning, so that each step they take allows them to seek the profitability of the businesses they set up.


Conceptualize your ideas

conceptualizar tus ideas
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The vast majority of entrepreneurs today need to create a good foundation before starting to go out to offer their services to the market, they need to conceptualize your ideas, have clear ideas and know who their buyer profile or profiles are, what are the ways to reach them, and above all understand the market from the beginning, not so much work on product and then go to market with your business idea, if not understand the business as it is what your customers need and then go targeting your product.

Servuction is one of the great inventions when it comes to the introduction of services in the product area and of course it is an excellent formula to work on the production of services, and this is something that is not generally known and is something that is important today, since the added value is far ahead when it comes to getting potential customers for business.

This did not happen a few years ago, since the product was the center of the universe, but today, the customer is the center of the universe and to think otherwise is to think without the ability to grow or size these businesses, although unfortunately the most normal way to create business is this

Personally I think it is important to conceptualize your ideas and conceptualize business, without going overboard, because you also need the necessary initial feedback to know if your market can be receptive to your business.

But what is certain is that by working on this business conceptualization you can have the ability to provide greater value, to size the business needs or provide a different or better value to customers, taking into account that at the end of the day getting the necessary claims for the customer to put his money on the table is your goal, i.e., the turnover

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