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How to make complicated decisions 2023

decisiones complicadas, complicated decisions
If there is something that I usually find in many cases with senior management profiles or entrepreneurs is the need to make complicated decisions that often affect many people, These decisions are often taken in solitude and uncertainty is one of the constant variables throughout the decision-making process.

Therefore, when you have to make complicated decisions it is important to have a guide that does not allow you to hesitate or look back again and again

Complicated decisions are when they affect many people, when you have a lot at stake, or especially when they affect your loved ones.

trans How to make complicated decisions 2023The points that I describe below can serve as a guide for you in those complex moments

1.- When you find yourself in a moment of complicated decision-making one of the most important things is to have a clear and calm mind, so it is important that during the days that you find yourself in these situations, you take some time to do a minimum of physical exercise or in the worst case you can do breathing exercises constantly

2.- Make a list of all the options you have, maybe even at that moment you think you have few options, Do not evaluate whether they are better or worse options to make decisions, simply make a list of options and ask for help if you need it to people who although they are not professionals in the area in which you are can give you an additional point.

It is a kind of brainstorming that allows you to have options to make decisions, you know the maxim of NLP “having options is better than not having them”. In addition, many times things from an outside perspective bring us a point of view that can serve us a lot


Having options to make decisions is better than not having them.

3.- Results, punctuation, and resistance. Give a value to the possible results of that complicated decision-making, for example from 1 to 10 (1 not very relevant and 10 very relevant), and also mark it as positive or negative. If you see any of the results of that decision-making that can generate a very strong impact, mark it with two symbols of positive or negative, so that it is very clear that it has a greater impact than the other

It is also important that you see which are the worst possible outcomes that can be generated put yourself in that possible scenario, and imagine if the worst possible scenario could be valid for you in a supposed case that would occur. If that decision-making scenario is not acceptable in any case, do not contemplate it under any circumstances and choose in that case what is a scenario that you can take as minimally acceptable

It is important that you value these scenarios by reality, that is, that there are no variables that you do not know, since these variables may have a weight that you do not expect. Take them based on your real experience, do not leave options to chance, Something that can help you to organize these decision scenarios is the decision trees and analyze the available options. Mind maps are an excellent tool for this

Also assess the resistance that these complicated decisions will produce in the event that you make them and be cautious about it, the resistance generated by the results of decision-making must also be taken as a variable that is part of the equation

It is also important to take into account in each decision-making process the probability that the options you are considering will occur, Sometimes we tend to close ourselves in one option and it may not happen in any of the phases of the decision-making process.

4.- Be comfortable with the decisions you make. Something that can serve you for this is what is called borrowing the future, put yourself in a situation where you have already made the decision and look at yourself at that moment and if you are satisfied with that decision and study from that position all the possible details of those decisions, give yourself time to do so

You can also think about how you think someone you know or even someone you might consider a mentor even if you don’t know them. This will allow you to see yourself as the protagonist of the movie, but from the point of view of a third person and will help you to understand and see the situation in a more global way

Imagine that you have already made the decisions and analyze how you feel, if you think you have done well and you feel good, then these are decisions that can serve you

5.- Decision-making and accepting responsibility. One thing that will help you to make the right complicated decisions is to select those that have more positive signs than negative ones, always have to have more positive signs. The final result of that decision-making has to fit you perfectly, if it doesn’t, don’t even hesitate to take advice from outsiders, who will give you additional insight, to see if you are making a mistake in that decision-making

Of course, you have to accept the responsibilities of those decisions, what you can be very calm about is that making thoughtful and meditated decisions is much better than taking them on the fly, so you will always know that the decisions you have taken were the best possible

Those who don’t make decisions are the ones who never make mistakes, but they also never move forward and possibly never take responsibility

6.- Be happy with the decisions you make and what comes out of them. And from this moment on, forget that you could have made other decisions, that is no longer useful and makes no sense, the best decisions are the ones you made because they were well-studied and selected

7.- Learn from these decisions by evaluating them. Perhaps this is the most important point of the decision-making process, that is, evaluate if the results you are getting are what you expected and if you would make the same decision again, if the answer is yes, then the decision was the best, if the answer is different it will let you know what to do for next time and see where you could modify those decisions.

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