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5 keys to making your content Likeable

When you develop content you have to think that this content is your product, that is to say, it has to offer the best user experience you can get, and the best way to get the best user experience is to think about why your users would want to interact with you directly from the first moment


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1.- Everything starts with a connection, with a way of interacting with other people, so as in any strategy what you have to be clear about is what is the goal you want to achieve with that connection

5 keys to making your content Likeable

It is very similar to when you go to a networking event, you have several ways to do it, one of them is to see who is going in case you are interested in making an interesting contact, another is to go and exchange cards with everyone and a third is to study who are the attendees and even contacting previously with those who are going to go to close an informal meeting at the point of the event. Each way has its purpose, in the case of making connections with people who read or follow you, it is exactly the same

2.- Offer value-added information, that is, you have to offer information that you think will be of interest to your users, data or ideas that will provide a good user experience, an example of how to develop content in this line is the post on my blog: 5 keys to use neuromarketing techniques on your website

3.- Try to be entertaining, good content does not always have to be entertaining, but if it is, you will connect better with your users, and you will see the result in the movement that can be generated through your content in communities, forums and others where you can participate

4.- Be relevant, the contents have to be relevant, so that in all the supports that are distributed they have to take the users to a type of contents that are useful to them, that way many users will want to share it with their contacts to whom they think that those contents can also be useful to them, and that will offer you a high relevance

5.- It implies that the content you develop should be focused and designed for your users, knowing that you are sufficiently qualified to talk about what you are talking about, or if you are not, ask your users to participate in the information you propose, possibly the objective you want to achieve with that content is directly your own users who share it with you

6.- It is important to be honest with what you publish, that implies that you must say things as you think, that will develop your own personality when communicating, it is important not to be afraid to share certain content that logically are based on experience or even ideas, today the internet is growing at the speed of light, information in general in a few years will multiply exponentially, so if you do not publish it you possibly will do it another person or professional.

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