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Making money online, how to make it in reality 2014

ganar dinero en internet. Making money online
Making money online is the great goal of many people today. Currently, there are more than 2 billion people connected to this impressive medium, and hundreds of companies are turning in a way more and more in this medium that is increasingly being applied to everything, in fact, one of the big trends is the internet of things that is coming soon.

There are more and more niches, formulas or systems to make money on the internet, the problem is that it is very difficult to apply them and adapt to the rapid evolution that these systems are having, even companies develop their own methods of impact on the network to make money and generate new business, however, this in turn makes a large number of people can be relegated from these options, precisely because of lack of time, lack of ways, etc., to make money.

Many try, but do not succeed, they stay at the doors or get some small conversions or sales but are not able to focus on multiplying them, in fact, many people stop having options to make money online for not being perseverant enough and fall into the nets of disillusionment. Making money is not only complicated on the internet, especially at the beginning, it is also complicated in any kind of business.

However, there is an option that everyone can use to make money on the internet and that is to sell the knowledge you have, Yes, the knowledge today is the new money and that knowledge will make you can get significant income if you know how to focus well.

The steps to be able to making money online with your knowledge would be the following:

1.- Clarify to yourself what are your favorite knowledge, or better what you love to learn or what you love to do, something that fills you.

The truth is that starting to work on something new, or something that you would like to discover can be good, but look, there is an important learning curve on these topics that you will have to overcome, and it is important enough to overcome the learning curve of systems, marketing and others to make money on the internet, so you better focus on something you already know or what you have been doing things for a long time, something that you like to communicate or is easy to explain, the more you like to communicate or easier to explain the more capacity and options you have to make money on the internet.

2.- Create a site that is relevant and graphically attractive.

Many may think that to make money on the internet you do not need to have a minimum of image, but it is not so, whatever your image you have to think that you have to capture it well to make money on the internet and you have to do it through a website that is attractive to people, that is easy to read, letters with appropriate sizes for your audience and so on.

In many ways selling knowledge is selling image in order to make money on the internet.

3.- Use guerrilla marketing and social media to begin to publicize your business.

In social media and guerrilla marketing formulas are an excellent way to make money on the internet, you can be able to understand the volume of users who can see or know your business and you can also engage in conversation with them knowing what they like the most, what they feel good about your product and also offer valuable criticism, often the reviews are used negatively and often are excellent ways to improve yourself and be better every time, and that users appreciate it. In addition to make money on the internet you have to understand the way of thinking of your target.

Use techniques such as putting your website in the signature of your email, participate in forums actively and include your website in the footer of your post, collaborate with blogs that let you put links to your website or let you include your link in your author profile, etc.. All these formulas in the end are what make the difference for you to make money on the internet.

Make your users take action, include your CTA (Call To Action).

If you want your users to do something on your website, TELL THEM, it is the most direct way to make money on the internet, usually people do not usually take action because they do not know how to do it and on the internet make money the one who makes things easy for their potential customers, if you want them to ask you for information tell them and make it easy, do not expect that they will be 100 hours browsing your website and that the user will find what you want to tell them, tell them. To earn money what always counts is simplicity.

5.- Take care of your customers and treat your potential customers well.

Look one of your main sources to be able to earn money on the internet are not your visits or users who enter the web, but are potential customers who may ask you for information or customers who have already contracted something with you, even a simple product, these customers are always easier to convince or to raise new products that interest them to buy and that can make you make money on the internet.

One of the most interesting things to get conversion to sales is to inform about new products to those potential customers who did not end up contracting with you but asked you for information, do not forget them, they are your second great mine, after your current customers.

6.- Make your website relevant and updated in order to make money on the Internet.

In the case of the update, besides being one of the main factors that search engines love, it is also loved by users who may be potential customers of yours, and the reason is simple, a relevant content on that topic that you know so well and that you also like to explain is one of the great generators of opportunity to make money on the internet, customers love updated content and if you do it constantly you will see that at a certain time you can talk about certain topics that are important triggers that make the user who is a reader to become your potential customer and become interested in your products or services.

There is nothing worse than an outdated website to stop making money on the Internet.

7.- Make marketing actions using the emails that potential customers have left you when they have asked you for information. They are very cheap ways to offer products, to an audience that already knows about you, and also does not require investments such as online advertising, which although it is also an excellent form of marketing to earn money has additional costs that are usually profitable when you focus on conversion, ie, that the user leaves their data so that you can send information that interests him.

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