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KeywordSpy: Keyword Tool. A really powerful tool

Keywordspy is a tool that I like more and more every day. The information it provides is absolutely devastating and is a great unknown for many professionals, more than I thought, if you are dedicated to SEO or work with SEM, and study profitable keywords is something you need this is certainly one of the tools that you can not do without, at all.

KeywordSpy: What is it and what is it for?

keywordspy que es

Keywordspy, as its name suggests, and among other things, is a tool that allows you to study the keywords of your competitors, especially the keywords they are using to position themselves or to advertise, and you can also find out the results that these keywords are generating for that competitor.

If we simply talk about the research area (Research), the information it can offer us is absolutely beastly. Using an example, in the main search engine of the tool we are going to search for “hotel madrid”,

hotel madrid keywordspy

In the search results Keywordspy offers us the following data:

resultados busqueda keywordspy

In the menu above:

  • Ads: The ads that are currently competing with that search
  • Related: Searches related to the search we are doing, in this case “hoteles madrid”
  • Similar: Searches similar to the search we are doing although not necessarily related.
  • Mispell: Searches that are mistyped when typed and that are occurring on a regular basis (this is a small gold mine in some niches, as sometimes there are words that you don’t know how to type and you can get high quality traffic volumes at absolutely ridiculous prices).
  • PPC Competitors: Companies that are publishing ads and competing on that keyword
  • Organic Competitors: Companies that are competing in organic search results.

It is curious that in the case of “hoteles madrid” the advertising investment in the month of July is practically null and in the month of January it decreases a lot compared to the rest of the months (in this case we are measuring from January to October).

In the related Keywords, it offers us a view of the searches for the words related to the one we are looking for, the “broad” search volume, i.e., wider, and the estimated cost per click that these keywords have (this cost per click is the general one provided by the Google search engine, and appears without optimizing and without defining the cost level in the content network, i.e., only in the search that is performed on the search engine).

An overview of the ads that at this moment of our search are competing for a better position and a list of the main competitors that are competing in this search and the number of keywords in which each of them is competing, both at cpc advertising level and at organic level.


Ads on Keywordspy: What can we know about the ads?

anuncios keywordspy

First of all, you will see the ads that companies are including to appear in search engines. Well, this is not trivial, in very competitive terms, the companies that are in this competition are companies that spend a lot of money not only in advertising, but even more important, in their optimization.


Yes optimization, and that is why I say that it is not something trivial, because every comma, every word, every number and possibly every symbol in the ads are part of an optimization of the companies, usually based on what is called “split test”, that is, they are testing small changes in advertising to analyze what are the combinations that work best and that make that keyword is important to them.

ROI: What is this?

You will see that another column appears called ROI, well, ROI means “Return on Investment”, that is, Return on Investment, and what it implies is which of these ads is the most profitable in relation to that ad and that constant optimization.

WARNING, the optimization is not only done in the ad, but it is also done in the landing page so that the quality of the ad is the highest possible to allow paying the lowest cost for a click being in the best possible position,

Position: The position that the ad gets on average

You will see that in position (position) appears a letter that says Avg: that is Average, that is, what is the average position in the search results that has that ad. If you have that on average is in position 2 or 3 it is possible that it is a very profitable ad at that time.

Days Seen: If it works for them, they keep it.

Days Seen are the days that the ad has been running, and you can imagine that if a company has been running that ad for more than 100 days it is possibly because it is giving very good results, if not, you can imagine that they would have removed it, so that gives you good information.

Information symbol with a small circle (i)

It allows you to know a key detail in the optimization of the pages which is the landing page to which the ad points. This information is absolutely very important, since you can directly know which landing page is being used.

landing page de informacion keywordspy

Truco Cochinero, as Chuiso would say

Well, now that you know which landing page is being used, what is this for?

Well, if it is a more or less interesting website you can take ideas, but if it is a landing page that is surely offering some kind of interesting conversion, then I would tell you to go for the fast track (for Chuiso, it would be a part of the cochinero marketing, haha what a good term)

And what this implies is that you can use a program like HTTrack (free) and download the entire landing page you have in front of you, since that way you will have a landing page that has already been optimized and that will be very targeted to get the maximum number of conversions possible


This way, by changing the images and the autoresponder codes and so on, you will have a highly converting landing page working for you in an absolutely minimum time.

But this was just the beginning

Indeed, there is much more to it since Keywordspy offers a series of functionalities that are rarely used, but have a devastating power.

If you enter the PPC Competitors option, you will see all the competitors of that keyword, and it will show you an important piece of data which is the number of PPC Keywords, that is, all the keywords where you are spending your money to get users or customers.


In some cases companies already work with more than 100,000 keywords optimized to get traffic, which are many, no, very many. Can you imagine the advertising budgets they have and the money they spend?

Well, that work that possibly takes many months, at least, maybe many years of optimization, you can use it directly, you know how?

By downloading the complete list of all the keywords of a competitor

That’s right, those results of a competitor you can download it completely and you will also know which are the keywords that are giving more results, if what you need is to have to start campaigns to attract competitors as soon as possible, this tool is devastating so you can download everything.

And if you want to start advertising campaigns do not waste time testing which keywords work or not, go directly to the keywords that interest you and you know that work, study very well the ad of your competition to see what you can do that resembles or can get a result as close to theirs and focus only on being profitable


Nowadays one of the things in which the owners of small establishments waste time is to try from scratch, making a curve of trial and error that is usually very expensive, because you do not learn from one day to another, with this tool that learning cost disappears because it allows you to focus exclusively on what you already know that works, and on the keywords that for others already have a proven profitability.

why is this tool so important for SMEs and Non-SMEs?

Well, it is mainly important for SMEs because it allows them to take advantage of the effort of the big ones, that is, the big ones have resources of advertising investment and highly qualified personnel to optimize, test, test, etc., that for an SME is very expensive, especially when they are SMEs with several product lines.

Therefore, to optimize time and be competing in the market as soon as possible and also in the best possible conditions to have in hand the strategy of the big ones allows to start with 50% of the work done and focus the effort especially in a very good user experience, since that is the key to get that user to stay with an SME and not end up leaving in search of new options.

Y … how do I know which are the keywords that really convert?

Keywordspy has a feature called Tracking, this feature is in the Premium area, but honestly, it is really worth paying for it, as it allows us to know which are the keywords that really convert, that is, not the ones that most people click on (to take the user), but also the most converting keywords that are being used by companies, that is, in addition to knowing which are the best keywords, what you can know is which are the ones that can give me sales, or registrations. How much money is that worth?

It also studies all this not only through Google, which may be the most interesting in the Spanish-speaking market, but also through Bing (in the USA there are good searches in Spanish in this search engine) and Yahoo (which has a considerable presence in the Spanish-speaking market).

and Keywordspy is useful for affiliates?

From my point of view, it is not that Keywordspy is useful for affiliates, it is that it is the Affiliate Tool, and especially for CPA affiliates, since knowing which keywords are converting will save you not only time and money, but also a lot of discomfort. The work of the affiliate is analytical and very tedious, even if you like it a lot, and sometimes if you lose the perspective of the analysis, which can be relatively simple, it means that you lose money and time.

But also, if you are an affiliate and you want to be a super affiliate, keywordspy is absolutely vital, as it allows you to know which affiliates exist on an affiliate platform, like ClickBank, for example, and what kind of campaigns those affiliates are running, and what keywords and results they are having. Powerful right?

To show you the power of the keywordspy tool working for an affiliate, here is a video:

Ecommerce and KeywordSpy (focus on Online Shops)

I have been asked a few times if it is possible to use Keywordspy and Ecommerce. And the truth is that it is a really profitable tool at this point. Just as an example, here is a screenshot of an online store that you probably know even if only by hearsay, it is Zappos (Online Shoe Store)


If you notice, at the level of competitors of Keywords in Google Adwords, ie those who are paying advertising there is a barbarity compared to those who do SEO. 108.401 Paid Jeywords for 888 organic.

But at the level of competitors, note that they are competing on more than 255,000 keywords more than 83,000 competitors. Nothing negligible, can you imagine what it means to be able to work with Keywordspy for an online store that needs to get customers in a constant way?

At this point the degree of optimization as in many other sectors such as the hotel sector we mentioned at the beginning of the post is absolutely taken to the extreme, and the advertising investments made by each of these companies are extremely high, therefore, to achieve adequate profitability you need to have a base to work on that is already based on an optimization and start working from Google Adwords

… I am managed by an agency

This is something that sometimes I really don’t understand in many entrepreneurs, the lack of knowledge is so huge, that it is better for them to stay at home. Look, when I comment this to an entrepreneur in a course or a seminar and he tells me …. To me this is being handled by an agency. My next question is … and do they give you reports on what your top converting keywords are? If the answer is yes, which is usually 10% in the best of cases, I say, ole, you really know how to make professional and lasting relationships.

But in most cases the answer is NO or I DON’T KNOW, and in the vast majority of cases they are not paying attention to what I consider one of the keys to a successful online business, which is to know your conversion focus, if tomorrow your business went down the drain and the earth swallowed it and you needed to start again, you would have 80% of the business set up with knowing what your converting keywords are and what your target is, i.e. your target audience

It must be that I am getting older, but when I hear a businessman say that he is in charge of marketing, I often ask him how long do you want to be in the market? Because the truth is that nowadays delegating certain parts of marketing, or not being informed at least of certain parts of marketing makes businesses have very uninformed decisions, and that is a big problem for companies of any size.

And so it happens to medium or large companies, which sometimes have lines of business that they are not able to move forward because there are a number of small companies that, only by focusing on these details like the ones Keywordspy (and other tools) provide, get a competitive position that is difficult to eliminate

Summarizing Keywordspy

Let’s say that Keywordspy is a tool that can not be missing in the arsenal of any online marketing professional, well, I would even say of any marketing professional in general, since Keywordspy allows us to have information about the competition as well as about the strategic information of the same absolutely key if we focus on conversions and on the numbers that make companies grow in sales or in leads that can later be sales.

One of the things I like the most about the company that owns the tool is that they have a company mission, something that is not easy to find, at least publicly, in the vast majority of companies.

Keywordspy’s mission is: “KeywordSpy commitment relies on exploring powerful ways to automate marketing intelligence and provide reliable tools for online marketers like you”. Which would be something like: “Keywordspy’s commitment relies on exploring powerful ways to automate marketing intelligence and provide reliable tools for online marketers like you”.

Free version of Keywordspy

Keywordspy has an indefinite free version, that is, it is not a trial or a version that lasts for a period of time, but it is a version with reduced functionalities, mainly in search functionalities

You can make queries without registering but only up to 10 search results, once you register you can access more results, between 15 and 20 depending on the search and to get more results or tracking system is already necessary to be a paid user

It has two payment models, depending on the services offered, both of $89.95 per month for both the Research area and the Tracking area, and a joint model of $139.95 for the two modules together, to me this price, if you use it as a regular tool seems to me even cheap, because it allows you to work with a precision that few tools have, especially in the field of affiliates or in the field of CPA where virtually all marketers of more than 6 figures per month use it if or if


Keywordspy features type

Number of keywords

  • Daily keywords specified by the user
  • Number of results per query
  • Daily query limit

Pay per click Data Intelligence

  • Ppc keyword and domain research
  • Find competitors within your industry
  • Ppc Competitors Keywords Miners
  • Copy Competitor Bidding
  • Keyword analysis and statistics
  • Keyword storage and monitoring
  • Get landing page intelligence
  • Comparison of common and unique keywords
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Competitor and WatchList keyword

Organic Data Intelligence

  • Organic and domain keyword research
  • Organic Keyword Mine
  • View competitor organic listings
  • Organic keyword analysis
  • Real-time organic listings
  • Competitors Additional keywords
  • Organic Keyword Overlap Comparison

Affiliate Intelligence

  • Affiliate ID tracking
  • Affiliate keyword tracking and ad copy keywords
  • Product Search ID
  • View Super Affiliates and Top Products
  • In-depth analysis of 300 networks

Top Affiliate Networks

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction and LinkShare
  • PayDotCom and ClixGalore
  • Shareasale & Max Bounty
  • TradeDoubler and Amazon
  • Other Networks

Export Options

  • Export to text
  • Export to Excel
  • Daily keyword export limit
  • Daily affiliate export limit


  • Receive updates on new competitors in your market or industry
  • Receive notifications of ad copy by a competitor
  • Receive notifications of new keywords from competitors
  • Frequency alerts

Top 1000 Sites and Keywords

  • Top Spending Advertisers
  • Top Advertisers based on number of Keywords
  • Top organic sites based on number of keywords
  • Advertisers with largest investment based on number of keywords
  • Organic sites with the Biggest Budget
  • Keywords with Highest cost per click
  • Keywords with highest cost per day
  • Keywords with the highest number of clicks per day
  • Keywords with the Highest Cost per Click Change
  • The keywords with the highest cost change per day
  • Keywords with the highest change clicks per day


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