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15 points to make your company’s Internet presence a success.

su empresa en Internet sea un éxito
su empresa en Internet sea un éxito
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  • Analyze, from a strategic point of view, to what, to whom, and in what way being on the Internet will influence.
  • Establish which will be the phases of the company’s landing on the Internet.
  • Define a global structure for the Web page, which achieves all these objectives.
  • Define what will attract the attention of the target audience, and what will be the information or service that will make them come back again and again.
  • Establish which will be the communication paths, through which this target public will be able to make suggestions, collaboration offers or orders directly to the company.
  • To see the level of privacy of the information presented.
  • Design a user interface in accordance with the corporate image established for the company, which is not only attractive but also highly efficient.
  • Define the material to be included, texts, photographs, graphics and sounds in each section of the Web page.
  • Create the material that does not exist for each section of the Web page that requires it.
  • Perform the pertinent quality controls.
  • Introduce the final Web page in the previously contracted server.
  • Promote the new Web page of the company, inside and outside the Internet.
  • Appoint a responsible or webmaster of the Web page, who at the same time will be the link with the maintenance service.
  • Dedicate the time and effort necessary to direct the course of the new project toward the desired objective.
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