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7 habits for high productivity

alta productividad

The daily dispersion to which we are subjected makes us not realize the enormous amount of distractions we have and how they affect our high daily productivity. In fact there are small details that take away our energy and do not allow us to offer to our work the 100% of the productivity that we could bring.

In fact to be able to have a good productivity also implies a good “mental and emotional health”, and that is important to take it into account to achieve your maximum goals.

alta productividad
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Habits that can bring us high productivity on a daily basis

1.- Get organized with one of your worst enemies against productivity, email. You have to check email 2 or 3 times a day in an organized way and also, if you can, you have to do it for a limited and controlled time, otherwise you run the risk of constantly wasting time looking one by one the messages that come to you. Organize yourself to be able to answer the ones that require that answer and focus your time on those that are productive, that generate ROI.

2.-Use the phone to talk to people when it is important, do not allow those conversations with your team that turn into long email exchanges. Pick up the phone and solve what is important, that will focus productivity on the most important points and if you can, implement this way of working. If it’s a matter of an email back and forth, no problem, it’s fine to let everything flow, but if the conversations start, it’s the most productive thing to do.

3.-Organize your goals and tasks daily, it is important that you focus on what you need productivity, many people start the day based on what they find in their email, it is more important that before opening the email you know what you have to do to focus on it.

4.-Always keep your goals in mind, it is important that although you organize and define your tasks that in turn arise from your goals, these must always be present in your roadmap or in your agenda, so that you always have clear why you do things and that your productivity must be associated with the achievement of these objectives.

5.-Work in intervals of an hour or an hour and a half, it is important that you take short breaks to return later to be very focused on your goals and with your own productivity at 100%, so it is important that you oxygenate your brain at least every hour or at most every hour and a half.

6.-Eliminate multitasking, it seems that doing several things at once offers high productivity, but never further from reality do one thing only and concentrate on it until you finish it or until you can leave it organized to continue at another time, but multitasking do not do it or consent to it, dispersion is one of the great professional mistakes and always goes against productivity.

7.-Become an extremist in the elimination of distractions as you will achieve greater productivity, and instill the same to the people in your team, do not bother you for things that do not allow you to move forward and achieve your goals, or through phone or email, be radical in this principle to achieve greater productivity.

It is important to guide your productivity in the right way, otherwise the day to day makes the distractions and wasted time are a growing problem and if you do not take action on the matter and you respect yourself to get the highest productivity the rest will not do it either, so bet on productivity for others to add up to you.

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