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How to create a mega menu on your WordPress blog

An element that is not only aesthetic but also practical is the implementation of a mega menu on your website especially if it has several categories or if your content is growing and you need to facilitate navigation options to your users

The mega menus are those that when you position the mouse over a main element, display another menu with its categories expanding it, they are recommended especially for those sales sites that have a wide range of products

There are many plugins in this category but today I want to show you how to install and work with one that in my opinion is one of the best, I’m talking about jQquery Mega Menu Widget

Steps to install this plugin

  1. Visit the Plugins section in the Admin Panel and once in this click on the Add New option.
  2. In the plugin search box type jQquery Mega Menu Widget and click on Search or press Enter.
  3. When the jQuery Mega Menu Widget plugin appears among the search results click on OK and then Activate Plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated you must access the Appearance session and select the Widgets option.
  5. As you should already be familiar with the widgets you just have to find the new one that says jQquery Mega Menu Widget and drag it to the sidebar where you want to place your menu.
  6. In the field of your menu widget write in your title something like Navigation of your site or similar.
  7. In this widget, there are several options such as Clicking to make the users have to Click on a menu option to open it or you can also select Keep to make the menu expand just by hovering the mouse pointer over the option to choose.
  8. It is also possible to choose the maximum number of items per row that each menu item could contain.
  9. Another excellent setting is the Skin setting which allows you to choose a color in which the menu will be displayed.
  10. There is another interesting option under Animation Effects to choose whether the menu should slide or fade before the user’s eyes. Within this section you can also choose the Animation Speed between 3 options: slow, fast, and normal or it is also possible to select the No Animation option.
  11. When you have finished everything configurable in the mega menu you only have to select the Save option and then visit the home page of your site to see if the result satisfies you.


This plugin creates a horizontal menu that is best suited for the header and footer regions, if you want to put a vertical menu on your site you can do it with another plugin, the jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget plugin.

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