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Google’s lesser known tools 2014

Google's lesser known tools - white and black concrete building
Google is the Internet giant and offers a lot of tools to improve the usability of the Internet, but often it is so much that very few know the large number of tools and services that exist.

This can cause that there are tools or applications are virtually unknown, so here we propose to know the least known tools and not least important of Google.


These are the lesser known tools of Google

Google Trends

What this tool does is to explore the different search behaviors around the world in relation to trends. In addition, it also offers the function of exporting information, such as performing searches with filters both by region and by periods and also making comparisons.

Google Ngram Viewer

This application called Ngram Viewer allows you to perform specific searches within the content digitized by Google Books.

Another of its functions is to perform statistical analysis on the different texts shared in Google Books.

It also offers specific options to filter the results and get the necessary material for research or work, it should be noted that this is one of the least used tools although it has more than 500 billion words analyzed.

Full Value of Mobile

This function is one of the newest, it was launched last year, that is, in 2013 and one of its main functions serves for those companies that use Google’s mobile advertising services and especially that use AdWords can measure each of their marketing campaigns, to be clear Full Value of Mobile is a calculator with simple equations.

Google Think Insights

This tool is exclusive to the advertising industry as this application offers a wealth of information such as a diversity of sources, trends and data.

Google Keep

This is an application that allows you to organize all your personal information through a notes file.

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