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What is SEO exactly

what is SEO?

Lately I have been asked a lot this question [keyword id=’seo’], and the truth is that it amazes me that there are still so many people who do not know the answer, after the years that the internet has been working, but the truth is that I also understand that it is normal, now internet is just another medium, but even less than five years ago there were still people who saw us internet marketers as weirdos.

Well, if by any chance you still don’t know SEO means Search Engine Optimizer, or to understand, Search Engine Optimizer, but if you want to understand it better, the person who makes your website to be seen in the search engines, and if we can in the first positions of the search results.


So, what is an SEO?

The technique of making your website appear in the first search results in search engines, which will make your potential customers can reach your website and buy your products or services.

For years SEO has been defined as a technique that is constantly changing, in fact it is one of the techniques that receives more impact when there are changes in the Google algorithm, which tries to make each time the information published by companies is of higher quality, and makes periodic changes in its search engine that makes the results have significant variations.

The two most relevant variations that have affected SEO are mainly Panda and Penguin, two versions of its search engine that have substantially improved the quality of the search results and the user experience and that have allowed those that appear in the first results to be much more defining in terms of content and added value than those that have been using positioning techniques based on the knowledge of the characteristics of its algorithm.

so, who is an SEO, what kind of techniques do you mainly use?

They have been varying according to the modification of the algorithms, but basically now it is very important for Google to generate a high added value in the content, so that users are very reflected in their interests at the time of landing or arriving at a particular website. It is therefore very important that web visits are increasingly higher quality and are increasingly segmented.

I myself have created a system that I have been testing for quite some time that allows anyone to make a moderately acceptable or very good SEO, depending on the method I have created and which you can access 100% free through the following link:

Free and 100% segmented Web Visits

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This really is what can be valued to a great extent of the techniques that allow to define a good strategy to the one that is a SEO.

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