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Videomarketing strategy, 4 key points to make it work 2014

That videomarketing is already an obligatory part of the content generation and social media and communication strategy of companies is nothing new, the truth is that for many it is already part of their daily work and for many more a new way of communication that they know they have to exploit

In this case in videomarketing the details that make the difference are those that allow to generate good traffic to the business, which could also be integrated into an Inbound Marketing strategy, as well as Social Media and Communication and also generate an excellent virality that allows to enhance the brand in the short and medium term at least

And what key points allow videomarketing to be very effective and achieve the objectives that companies set out, well there are 4 key points that although in a somewhat general way I would like to detail

1.- Produce a lot of diverse content on Youtube or other video systems, but on Youtube is a must; The production of videos between 30 seconds and 20 minutes is important and that the more videos the better, perhaps for companies it may seem that this is difficult to do, however, there are many techniques that allow this to be relatively easy to achieve

2.- Integrate video into web content; The most successful campaigns are those that have created an excellent symbiosis between web and video systems, since video considerably enriches the content and its quality and also allows the web to grow in other rankings such as Google, as well as being more viewed and shared on social networks

3.- Attract your community to your YouTube channel; Video campaigns that get a good engagement of users are those who manage to direct their community to their YouTube channel and the reason is rather simple, this is because the attraction or engagement that produces the video marketing on users is up to 4 times greater than any other content that is commonly used

4.- Take advantage of advertising on Youtube; Paid videomarketing campaigns are an absolutely necessary component for a video campaign to have a good return, and well done a videomarketing campaign on youtube usually has quite good results


With VideoMarketing you can achieve results that with other media would be difficult due to its ability to viralize

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