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Thinking big in 2022

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If there is something that some great men and women have done in history, it has always been to think big, and as in any way of thinking there are always people who have had it innate and people who have had to learn it. But there are also people who have studied those who believe that thinking big is optimal, and interesting conclusions can be drawn from that

But what is it that makes us think big or prevents us from thinking big? Well, mainly our way of seeing the world, is based on the concept of limitation or expansion. Concepts that are both necessary and that we all become aware of as time goes by


Thinking big: And what limitation and expansion mean, in order to think big, could be explained as follows:

Limitation = Solution Resolution = Creating complexity.

Many times we make things more complex than they could be and thinking big simply ceases to be an option, to solve problems it is a great option to use constraints because in this way we make systems more efficient, and allow us to limit and reduce problems, even if we use complexity creation

Of course, this complexity is very much based on the limitations and the way of thinking in a big way of those to whom we are looking for solutions. An example of this can be the Public Administration, which has to constantly create a lot of limitations to make the systems as efficient as possible, even though this makes the users see everything complicated

Expansion = Knowledge Exploration = Understanding.

This is what makes thinking big an option, since it allows to inform and train to give options to many people and this always makes that the solution of problems allows to help many after solving a single problem

This implies creating systems that do not stop growing and that always seek to solve problems by helping many people and based on how to provide value

And to think big which is the best option, limitation, or expansion. Well, both are really good, it all depends on how we use them and how we apply them, it is not always expanding and it is not always limiting, depending on what we want to achieve we can provide really powerful solutions to potential customers, partners, users and make them feel that you bring them value

Logically, expanding by limiting is something that could be defined as creating something big by taking some precautionary measures, and limiting by expanding could be defined as providing a solution that from time to time becomes bigger thanks to a small expansion (this second one can usually generate obstacles to think big in the medium and long term)

Personally, I prefer the first one (it is only a personal appreciation), for me it is the way to think big

In any case, what is important, whether it is the starting point or the vision you have to think big, is

That you have the right state of mind at all times, to think big, this is one of the things that will make you feel motivated to achieve results. And above all keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is always a long-distance race, it is not a sprint

Do not be afraid to experiment with anything, the world has been created based on experiments and to think big you have in the niches in which each one works always things to do and to improve

– From time to time study history, thinking big also means learning from the mistakes and successes of others. To think big there are things that you may be going through that others have gone through before, even if it is 500 years ago and from there you might get some ideas

– Think big also means learning what others are doing around the world and learning new ways of thinking, of behaving, of integrating, etc

Thinking big requires that you are constantly learning from others, especially from those who have achieved success, and also from those who have had failures, those who believe that thinking big is only succeeding should look at what happened to Edison, up to 1000 attempts to create each different invention, but thinking big made him see that there were 1000 ways to know how not to try something again

I remember 1 year ago being in Seville with my wife, I had returned from a trip to the USA and we went to spend a weekend, on that weekend we went knowing Seville I personally had not known as a tourist and we were the Edificio de Indias, in which there was an interesting exhibition of the Conquest of America, that if that was thinking big, I thought

They gave us a presentation of about an hour, which for me was like 5 minutes, I needed another 5 hours of information, I loved it, especially for how well the person who made the presentation explained it, and curiously after learning the details of that interesting and historical adventure, I thought only one thing: Think big? How little we Spaniards have learned in 500 years.

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