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Succeeding Step by Step, Your Guide to Success

Conseguir Triunfar. Succeeding
Achieving success is not easy in the different areas of life, what is certain is that in many occasions the triumph is not achieved mainly because of the way we act and that makes things much more complicated than they really are

Success is often achieved by managing simple things

That are those little things or ways of seeing life and that can help you to succeed

1.- Understand how time works: Leave the past behind, the things you didn’t do you didn’t do, use the experience you got to use in the present and to define your future. If you had failures learn as much as you can from them

2.- If you are going to do something, don’t try to do it, do it. Trying means using your time in an inadequate way

3.- Make a list of your dreams, of course no matter how difficult they are to achieve, the most important thing is that you have a list of them written down on paper

4.- Define your goals to achieve success. Define the steps to achieve your dream in the form of goals and think about how you can achieve them

5.- Use negative opinions and criticisms to make you stronger and achieve a better success

If there is something that will always happen to you when you start something is that there will be criticisms and negative opinions, however, they can be a great ally if you use their background to improve in a constant way

6.- If you want to succeed in a field that you do not own, such as having a boss, you know that you have only two options, one is to play by the rules of the game imposed on you or a second one is to create your own game with the rules that you want to have

7.- Make a list of your values, and what you value most is what you should build your success on

8.- Learn to separate the types of time. Keep your personal time separate from your professional time, that will make you live more closely and be more productive in each moment and in each time

9.- Your success depends as much on your successes as on your failures, not only on your successes. It is important to know what to do and who you really have around you and you only know that when you fail

10.- If you do not believe in someone around you let them go, the moment you have a doubt let them go, the triumph often depends on who you surround yourself with and how you do it, so the doubts are a reason to let go of those person / s of which you have any doubts

Succeeding also means to manage efficient teams well

11.- Organize your time so you don’t have interruptions, interruptions are reasons why success moves away. Both at work and at home, avoid interruptions

12.- Examine yourself, to know which are the hours in which you have a higher performance

To work in those hours where you get the maximum results is absolutely devastating to achieve your triumph, you will get more effectiveness with much less effort

13.- Stress can keep you away from your triumph, to eliminate that stress breathe several times a day with a deep breath

14.- Relaxing and resting is absolutely essential for success, to be highly effective in the moments of maximum performance you have to rest well. Take it as something you cannot afford to miss, otherwise in the medium and long term it will take a huge toll on you

15.- Everything helps you to learn how to succeed, even if things go wrong, it will help you to learn things that you would not have learned otherwise. So don’t worry, sooner or later it will come if you persist in achieving it

16.- Positive thoughts are absolutely vital to success. Think positive and positive things will come to you

17.- Use your head, not just your heart, while it is true that you have to do the things you are passionate about, you also have to make your head think the right way, smart money is a very different form of success than hard earned money

18.- Don’t let time control you, be the one who controls your time. It is fundamental to succeed that you are the master of your time, that you do with it what you consider and share it with whom you consider

19.- Time management is by far the most useful tool for success. It’s not just about getting things right, it’s about making time work in your favor

20.- Strategize and build credibility with your partners. One of the best things you can do is to create win-win synergies that build enormous credibility.

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