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Stay ahead of the market in the 21st century

adelántate al mercado
Get ahead of the market. If there is something that is absolutely essential nowadays is to be ahead of the market in order to be able to wait for those who will arrive sooner or later with the need to buy your products, services, know-how, etc

And in order to be ahead of the market, you often have to know how to get out of other markets that may be burned out or that have become tremendously small or lagging behind and that cannot provide you with a minimum growth or turnover


Get ahead of the market

adelántate al mercado
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It seems to me that for this Google Trends is a spectacular tool, get ahead of the market with it, especially if you use it very focused on the market scope, since the usual use is on keywords or current trends

Lately I remember that famous phrase of Warren Bufet, I think I remember, who said that when his chauffeur started talking about the stock market, he knew it was time to get out as soon as possible and start divesting

The truth is that there is nothing as real as that and more so at a time like the present, more and more the concept of strategy and working on market patterns are fundamental and you have to start knowing how to read when to pivot and turn at the right time to be able to head to another market with more “cheese”

What can be seen for some time now is that the large niches have been redefined and in many cases have been dispersed in a significant way, but this dispersion makes them concentrate on new lines of business or redefinition of the niche that generates immense business possibilities within each market

A market that could have been of little relevance 6 months ago can suddenly become absolutely relevant due to the pressure of different market variables, the evolution of large technology companies or the intensity with which people influence it

What is also as true as a house is that the markets in which most bubbles occur without any doubt in most cases is where there is “a lot of free”, that makes business models begin to emerge in the market that serve to generate profit quickly by important professionals, but that does not imply a medium-term continuity of that market or a real profitability of that market in the medium term

Therefore, I believe that every day more and more, the profitable market is in the trends, along with other factors or details of each specific market, of course, get ahead of the market.

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