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5 plugins for Social Media in WordPress

The WordPress community continues to grow and every day new plugins are published on the Internet that respond to different areas of interest and of course, social networks are something that will never be left behind. These are 5 of the plugins that I bring you today to add to your blog and start to stand out in Social Media, everyone already does

5 plugins for Social Media in WordPress

Social Metrics

It allows a deep analysis of the behavior of your blog on social networks. It is part of the Social Media Analytics tools so you can expect a quality and practical plugin

It is possible to access Social Metrics from the WordPress admin bar and it is very easy to access the posts as well as the number of posts you want to view. It allows you to quickly change pages and thanks to the information it provides you can choose which is the social media in which you should direct your efforts

It also allows you to track the content you share on the most important social networks such as: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and StumbleUpon. You can also see how many times your content has been shared on social networks and which messages have gone viral in the community

Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify

It works quickly because its Ajax engine keeps in contact with the server at all times, updating in real time. For it to work, it is necessary to have another plugin installed, the Facebook Comments Box

This tool broadcasts the written message thanks to the user’s profile ID and name and immediately notifies the authors or administrators. It is easy to install and supports multiple authors. The person with the authorship of the content will receive an email when someone replies in the Facebook social comment box which streamlines the community work

WordPress Social Login

Allows you to login to your blog through social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google, this has a very practical use since in a world with so many subscriptions it is very common to forget a password. Thanks to this, it is also possible to make comments through social networks
It is possible to import the contact list from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Windows Live. It has multiple rules and restrictions that you can optimize to your liking

WP Social Toolbar

Adds a toolbar where it is possible to select the color of the share buttons or social network icons, shows the number of Facebook Likes, recent Tweets and the general options that we are used to seeing in the footer of the articles


Allows you to add more than 100 social network buttons and is quite configurable, it also provides options to Print the content and Send by email

Do not wait any longer, find the most suitable for you, install it on your blog and start enjoying the benefits of sharing your content with the world.

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