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Real estate digital marketing

Marketing digital inmobiliaria, Real estate digital marketing
Real estate digital marketing. Having an online presence is a must for any business and increasing the number of contact requests is a necessity. Therefore, having a website in several languages and company profiles on social networks is essential in the real estate sector

Below I explain a series of tips that can increase the number of contact requests through your website


Real estate digital marketing

Marketing digital inmobiliaria
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Real estate digital marketing. Photographs, videos and virtual tours of the property are key

The only contact that visitors residing in another country can have with the properties we want to sell is through your website. Therefore, it is very important to show photographs of all the rooms of the house from various angles and with good quality and luminosity so that the details are well-appreciated

If you complement the photographs of the property with videos or virtual tours you help the client get an idea of the distribution of the rooms of the house

If the property has a garden, swimming pool, sports courts or garage, it is interesting to show it also in the property file as it adds value to the property you want to sell

Describing the surroundings of the property is a differential factor

If something can improve a real estate website and its digital real estate marketing to a large real estate portal is that it knows better the area in which the property is and this is a great advantage

Providing additional information on the environment such as indicating nearby health centers or hospitals can be interesting for people of a certain age. Having a supermarket or shopping center near our house is always very useful. Indicate nearby sports centers and gyms can be practical for people who like to do sports on a regular basis. Showing nearby bus, subway, streetcar, and cab stops is very valuable information for people without their own vehicle

All this information about the area near the property can make a buyer finally opt for a certain property and contact through the web

Visible information and contact form

If the objective of your web is that people contact us, the information and the contact form must be visible on all the pages of the web

Nowadays there are several free means of contact which can favor the contact of a possible buyer. Indicate the phone number, email, social profiles, WhatsApp, and Skype… of the real estate agency, the more means you give the web visitor to contact you, the easier it is for him to do it

It is interesting to show the contact information both in the sidebar of the property file and at the end of it so that when you finish reading all the information of the property you do not have to look for the way to contact to ask for more information

Save property searches as requests

The most used tool of the real estate web is undoubtedly the real estate search engine

To have the option to save the searches made and to mark properties as favorites is an option that can facilitate a lot of the navigation to the visitors of the web

Offering the possibility of receiving informative emails about a specific property search helps you to convert a visitor to your real estate website into a possible future buyer

In summary, if you have a real estate digital marketing plan, adapt the website to an international audience, apply real estate SEO techniques, show quality photographs, provide information about the environment, and facilitate navigation and means of contact to the visitors of your website you will be helping to get more contact requests from your real estate website.

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