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Mobile Business and Mobile Advertising 2013

negocios móviles. Mobile Business
The Internet offers the possibility of creating an infinite number of new businesses, and one of them is the creation of mobile businesses.

What is it all about? Very simple, the large number of smartphones and tablets that exist in the hands of citizens around the world opens a new way of doing business through these media.

These mobile businesses can be for example application development, mobile marketing, online tourism and much more.

Mobile phones and smartphones have become a fundamental part of our lives, so they have become a tool with a wide spectrum where in addition to serving to communicate and entertain us is also becoming a very lucrative source of business.

Mobile Business. Mobile Advertising

There is no better time for mobile marketing.

Currently we have an extremely important advantage, which is that all this is new, so there is a long way to go and a lot of desire to innovate.

Add to this the fact that there are millions of mobile phones and tablets in the world and a large percentage of the population is connected to the Internet through these media, and there is no better time than now to develop mobile business projects.

Data reports that currently between 40 and 50% of users connect to the Internet via mobile, so all the more reason to be present.

It is also expected that by 2015 all mobile phones will be smartphones and even for this 2014 it is estimated that more tablets will be sold than laptops or desktops.

Young Entrepreneurs

Those who have begun to venture into this form of business are young people looking for a different way to enter the market, around the world have proliferated small companies developing applications for phones and tablets, including digital marketing companies, content, e-commerce, online education, tourism, etc.

Mobile advertising and business in constant growth

Mobile advertising is one of the businesses that are constantly growing not only in innovation but also economically, it is expected that by 2016 mobile advertising will handle numbers around 22 billion dollars.

Currently, surveys show that users are interested in receiving promotions and advertising through their mobile phones, and some even expect that this will become increasingly important and that companies will develop special promotions for those who buy promoted through mobile advertising.

All this leads companies to develop strategic digital marketing plans exclusively for this type of advertising, which implies an increase in the marketing budget, but we must take into account that all forecasts lead us to understand that the future lies in mobile advertising not only as a means of promotion, but also as a means of business.

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