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Keywords, best paid keywords $1.000 click

keywords mejor pagadas

Highest paid keywords

The truth is that what is paid per click in the USA for some keywords is surprising, although it always pays less than the famous“mesothelioma” which was one of the words that once paid more than $1,000 per click. And it is that CPA makes this type of investments interesting. The CPA is the “Cost per Action” or “Cost per Action”, which allows that the USA, Canada and UK are moving a huge and surprising deployment of professional marketers dedicated to get leads for companies.

keywords mejor pagadas
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Keywords and Leads

One of the most profitable businesses is to get Leads for legal companies that specialize in class action lawsuits and when you have achieved a significant volume of people affected by some reason that threatens health, they launch millionaire lawsuits against companies or sectors, this makes getting people who meet the necessary profiles and with health problems well accredited, it becomes a very profitable business.

Among some of the best paid keywords are:

“corporate credit card” or “car accident insurance” that currently pay more than $700 per click.

Keywords and earnings per click

This means that if someone has a page in English of this type of activity it is possible that for each click he/she obtains interesting earnings, and this is due to the fact that behind it there are business models, normally beyond the merely advertising and that provide the on-line marketing competition with an extraordinary capacity of competition, making the professional marketers become practically On-line Free-Throwers aiming at those better paid keywords.

Keywords and high income

But the most interesting thing occurs when you know the prices that are paid for a lead in the USA, there are sectors in which for a validated lead, that is, the company has to verify that there is indeed a person who has left their data and that matches the type of profile sought is paid up to $ 700, and those $ 700 go directly as payment to the pocket of the marketer.

These are extreme cases, but there are many cases of products that can range between $50 and $100 per lead, that is, in some cases getting 5 leads per day means $500 per day of production.

The best market in the world can be seen in this area and good professionals get real business models in which there are marketers who exceed a million dollars a year dedicating themselves to this type of activity.

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