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How to invest using the knowledge of the best 2022

Knowledge from the best. Lately when you talk about the word investing” many people still get the creeps, it is one of the activities that scare people the most, however, we do it every day, we invest constantly, the big problem is that in a high percentage of the things we do we do not know how to invest and that means that everything we invest in becomes an expense.


Investing with the knowledge of the best can be a lot of fun

conocimientos de los mejores
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If anything is required to invest is undoubtedly the knowledge, know what to do, have the cunning, the vision or the ability and strategy, in addition to technical knowledge in many cases, to know which chip to move and when. Therefore, the knowledge of the best are key to have better investment success.

The truth is that we are living in an absolutely extraordinary world, the Internet is providing an absolutely devastating vision, the truth is that lately I remember more and more often a phrase that back in 2001 Rodolfo Carpintier told me one day , it stuck in my mind “Rubén I am still convinced that the Internet will change the world”, at a time when the Internet had fallen and the blow had been absolutely devastating, the bursting of the bubble of the .coms

Knowledge of the best: Today the new money is knowledge, and this is a maxim that even Richdad has as its slogan “Knowledge is the new money”, so investing has become practically essential to generate significant profits for some and as a way to get income to cover the loss of purchasing power that has occurred in the world in the years since we entered the crises and recessions in all countries, knowing how to invest now is essential.

Investing means that the knowledge of the best is the new money

When I said before that we live in an absolutely extraordinary world, I said it because as a good apprentice who does not stop learning every day, I follow several communities in the field of investment, business and others.

However, there is one that I would like to mention because I personally found it very interesting, it is a community of investors in which people do not need to know how to invest, but you can invest following the investment strategies of other users who get great returns, and I found it a really smart way to invest, although everyone knows that you run some risk

But this at least allows you to be able to invest without having to be 100% aware of the market and also and most importantly, using the time of others, the knowledge of others and the ideas of others

For those who are interested in these topics, and above all in learning how to invest with the knowledge of the best, I leave a link to this community of investors

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