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Strategy for increasing your personal brand

incrementar tu marca personal

If there is something that has become fashionable and that seems to be the way to make yourself known for many professionals is to increase your personal brand, I even know a couple of great gurus with extensive experience in this area as Esmeralda Diaz Aroca and Andres Perez who have helped hundreds of professionals in this area.

incrementar tu marca personal
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Within what I have been able to learn over the years, I think I have been able to draw some conclusions that I would like to share in this regard, some points that can make the personal brand of each person is a little closer to the market than the product itself as is the case of the vast majority of professionals, they know well who they are but little of how to make your personal brand is something valuable to others as well. I hope these brief points can serve as a guide:

1.- Study well the social networks on which you are going to spend your time to increase your personal brand.

Social networks have profiles on which to focus your social media strategy, and it is important that you analyze the general type of target that each of them have. To do this, you can use as a tool, currently provides less information in the free version than before, but it can serve as an indication.

For example, if you want your personal brand to be known to a target of women buyers, you can use the networks with a more defined female profile, for this you can use different measurement tools such as Alexa.

What is important is that your personal brand is aimed at the right target, i.e. the decision-maker buyer or the prescriber in the worst case if it is difficult for you to reach the decision-maker buyer.

2.- Select a blogging platform to start sharing information about your personal brand.

You can choose or or other less big ones, and you can also get a domain and install a blogging system like, blogs are excellent reference points for your personal brand.

It is important that in your personal branding strategy you can start writing about your experiences, knowledge, opinions, etc, and that the people you want to address see them and draw conclusions and even challenge you or give their opinion about what you have written and even if it is negative or different never take it badly, if people answer you it is because they are interested in what you have written.

3.- Be very proactive and constant writing or sharing information of value

If there is something that makes personal branding more and more consistent is constancy and proactivity, people appreciate it and knowing that you are there behind writing again and again is something that makes people, even if they don’t always read you, know that you can be a leader in your field.

Proactivity and constancy are one of the main pillars of personal branding, they make you better and better identified.

4.- Put forward your opinions and you will make more personal branding

Your opinions are things that many people may want to know for whatever reasons, in some cases to learn, in others to understand your point of view, in others because they do not agree, but your personal brand in any case continues to grow when you give your opinion and say the things you think.

5.- Use microblogging platforms to enhance your personal brand.

Microblogging platforms such as Twitter allow you to share your opinions and increase your personal brand depending on the number of followers in addition to being able to do it also in other networks, sharing information and giving your opinion or providing value to the opinions of others makes your personal brand is greatly strengthened as well.


Increasing your personal brand creates a reference about you that well cared for allows you to define a ROI in the medium and long term.

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