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How to be a TV Audience, 5 Channels

Well, this kind of TV topics are not what I am used to write about, but the truth is that the subject caught my attention today talking to a person. It has been a long time since I paid much interest to these TV topics.

This person commented to me that he was attending as public of the TV in different programs and that besides having a good time he was earning a little money that was very good for him and complemented the income that he had at the moment by the unemployment, the truth is that this point seems incredible to me, that a person that has been in managerial profiles of important companies is in unemployment, well, I do not want to go much of this subject.

What I wanted to say is that this info may be of interest to someone around you, older people who have free time, young people who can’t find a job (for the latter this topic is becoming a little plan B), etc

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How to be an audience: TV programs usually pay between 10 and 20 euros on average for an audience day

Most of these issues of being a TV audience are usually managed by companies that are dedicated to it, possibly if someone reads this post think that I do not discover anything new, but I think that the vast majority of people are not very used to go to the TV audience.

These companies are usually quite reachable, but also the TV programs themselves usually put on their websites ways to attend the public.

Doing a little research I found several options that I am going to share in case anyone might be interested:

The Information: Address of several companies with telephone and the programs in which they manage as public being.

Web de telecinco: Web to know how to be public and attend Telecinco programs.

Guide to go of public of the TV: Complete guide with contacts and companies to be able to attend of public.

VayaTele: It indicates programs that usually receive directly to the public of the TV and not through external companies, as it is the case of the Hormiguero.

Penelope: One of the agencies or external companies that are specialized in this type of TV activities.

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