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A business idea that I pitch to the entire entrepreneurial community, please read carefully!

comunidad de emprendedores

Well, this is the first time I address the community of entrepreneurs in this way through my blog, but as many who know me know I am a big bet on the crisis as a model of change, and in this line I want to raise an idea that I think would be really interesting, it is possible that there is already something similar or with a similar intention, better than better then means that there is competition, but I think that in the field of entrepreneurship, this can be so enormously broad, that there is room for everyone.

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled: Look for problems to solve and you will get great business. Well, I want to give a practical example that I think has a place in today’s entrepreneurial market.

comunidad de emprendedores
Sora Shimazaki at Pexels

Entrepreneurship Community with Idea Dynamizer

A few days ago, I personally read with great interest the world record achieved by Mireia Belmonte, which certainly has an amazing merit, I read it in this article: Mireia Belmonte beats the world record in 400 styles

About 15 minutes ago an American friend of mine sent me a link to an article from a Spanish newspaper, and he did it with great astonishment, the article he sent me is an interview with Mireia Belmonte conducted by La Razón and collected by Periodista Digital, the article of the interview is entitled: Mireia Belmonte: “Sergio Ramos’ hair is more important than my world record”. The truth is that the article has no waste.

Any entrepreneur who reads this article will feel identified in many aspects with what Mireia says. And the first idea that comes to mind, if the article touches your morale a little, is something similar to the complaint “But how do they allow this!!!”, “These politicians should do something about it!!!”, “Let them give this girl a salary so she can get a medical team for her and her team!!!” etc, etc, etc, etc.

Well, the truth is that, thanks to the huge mess that is going on in Spain, I think none of this is going to happen, first because politicians, institutions and others, as they are showing, have no idea of the real world, let alone the suffering of someone to achieve their goals. The entrepreneurial community understands this well, as they are the ones left behind by the governments.

And this poor woman is going to be like the world champion who has been ignored the least, a world champion who has broken a world record, which is not too soon to say, but what she had to work hard to achieve it. What I am sure is that she is going to have a great success, possibly outside Spain and I hope she earns so much money that she doesn’t know where to put it

But BEWARE, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for the entrepreneurial community, the reality is that the market is screwed and scrambled, but this is what Kiyosaki and others would call “A Rio Revuelto Ganancia de Pescadores” if they were entrepreneurs in Spain.

There are two great emerging talents that are appearing in Spain, one of them are the new talents, you all know that in Spain at a cultural level and as a nation has never ever believed in people until relatively recently. Talent is a huge opportunity and a very profitable investment.

Personally I have lived, as many entrepreneurs have done, the reality that if you fail everyone laughs at you, Spain has been much like that, if you fail all the flock happy that you have gone wrong everything, and if you succeed, my God, if you succeed in Spain not even the saint who founded it will forgive you

But luckily the crisis has arrived and this is changing, now those who were previously better or worse paid workers of more or less good companies are becoming entrepreneurs to the need or vocation of entrepreneurs, Welcome to the Club.

The best of all is that there is a new generation that will surely live something different from what has been lived as entrepreneurs the last 50 years. Therefore the new emerging is the new talent in all disciplines and fields, regardless of age and situations, the point is that it emerges

The other great emerging are the alternative financing options to banking, are those that sooner or later will know the entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding type that are managing to raise significant investments in many areas for new entrepreneurial projects.

And that is where the opportunity arises, there are crowdfunding projects for artists, because it would not be a good idea to create a crowdfunding platform for elite athletes who are not in the field of soccer. The truth is that it is an idea that has occurred to me on the fly, the community of entrepreneurs can give it an important twist, and possibly a germ that goes nowhere, but it is that this would solve a problem, that is, it would offer a solution to a problem and would create a business model based on investing in talent that can be a very interesting business model for entrepreneurs.

can you imagine that you have a little piece of business from sponsors who would be willing to put a huge amount of money for a world champion who visits Australia, where, as she herself says, children want to be swimmers? And can you imagine multiplying that by 300 new promises of sport other than soccer?

Maybe 100 could become world champions. And the fact that a group of people bet on that champion in the base can make that when the benefits arrive after 3/4 or 5 years your investment could have been multiplied by 1,000. Numbers are something that the entrepreneurial community likes

Without going into the options of professionalization that can be having an engine of thousands of small investors who bet on talent and can change the rules of a way of doing things, because I assure you that in the end that crownfunding platform may be destined to actively seek sponsorships and businesses around the world based on the real possibilities of that new talent and possibly to become a potential player in a market that is starting and that will be relevant in the coming years, and I tell you someone who when the internet started had to give courses on what was the email and what it could be used for.

Well, that’s where I leave my grain of sand, please, if you can and want, spread this post, more than anything to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible to see if any of them can make some money and overshadow Amancio Ortega in the top of the Forbes list, thanks to this sketch of an idea.

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