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Email marketing strategy that gets results

Estrategia de email marketing, Email marketing strategy

The email marketing strategy continues to be one of the most used by many companies, as it is one of the most lucrative and with the most important returns by far, in terms of conversion rate, compared to other media such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc. To know how to get a good email marketing strategy, you can follow the points that I indicate below, they are some important points that will allow you to increase your ROI through small details;


The email marketing strategy, like all the strategies we use on the Internet, is a world of small details that well organized and coordinated achieve important results.

Estrategia de email marketing
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1.-Fundamental point in the email marketing strategy =>Write a subject that takes the immediate attention of your email users; the email marketing strategy begins with what your users receive and see in their first contact with your message, and that contact is the subject, so it is important that you get to catch the attention of your users and that indicates that it is something urgent to read, if for example, you have an email commerce, you can indicate something similar to “We sell everything before next Friday!”, something that indicates action.

2.- Make theoffer you want to sell or what you want to communicate as close as possible to the top of the message, so that it allows the email marketing strategy to work by offering the most interesting to the user and to catch their attention as soon as possible, and better if you indicate even a call to action CTA (Call To Action) to click and go to the news or product or service you offer.

3.- Direct that CTA in a forceful way, in a direct way. For example; Click here to benefit from your personalized offers before this Friday, that will make the user want to know more and click, your CTR (Click Through Rate) will increase and your email marketing strategy will deliver results.

4.- A good email marketing strategy creates a sense of urgency in the message with a friendly tone. A good email marketing strategy makes the user who receives the message want to see it as soon as possible and also to know that he is being offered or see the information you are sending him as soon as possible, but it is also important that he receives the message with a friendly, affable tone that indicates that it is someone close to him who is sending the information and also considers that it may be of real interest to him.

5.- Send a short message with easy-to-read fonts. I still receive emails from time to time with strange or gothic fonts that no one can read, and it is important that both the size and formatting of the text is easily readable. In addition you have to make a short message that can be read quickly, keep in mind that you will have between 3 and 5 seconds to capture the interest of your user. Therefore, the email marketing strategy must be governed by these two principles.

6.-Include contact information or information that allows the user to ask you if they are really interested in what you offer or the information you send. In a good email marketing strategy this is a must.

The email marketing strategy will connect the dots and define a suitable path so that the mailings you send are as effective as possible.

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