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Crowdfunding for personal projects as a financing model 2014

Crowdfunding is beginning to spread in an important way and also begins to have specialized verticals in which to invest, hundreds of people invest small amounts to move forward projects that possibly today would be virtually impossible to make them see the light

There are several crowdfunding platforms in Spanish that are managing to start interesting projects, some of them are the following

Lanzanos: With projects from €2,000 to €30,000, with varied themes such as film, music, culture in general and even science and research topics

Verkami: It is a crowdfunding platform mainly for creatives. Most of the projects are audiovisual and cultural

Goteo: It is another crowdfunding platform with many technological projects and some solidarity projects

There are also platforms in English, which also work on much larger projects in terms of investment required to carry them out and in many cases they get them

Go Fund Me: Crowdfunding platform quite consolidated with projects of all kinds, including scientific, medical, etc

The trend of these crownfunding systems is to grow as a niche and in many cases they are beginning to have the eyes of the big ones on them, taking into account that they are ways of financing seed projects, for many technological companies it is an idea that does not go unnoticed and that would allow them to get talent and ideas without having to devote internal resources to invest

Online gaming groups identify a good base of game developers who want to get their first funding through crowdfunding systems and this frees up talent, i.e. people can come up with the projects they really want without having to rely on third party opinions

Although it is an excellent idea, there are always buts, since crowdfunding systems can also be used by companies to raise small capitals oriented to do “unethical” things that there are people who can support. Although they are the fewest in these cases, but they do happen

In any case, crowdfunding is a model that seems to be here to stay and that will surely become the seed of many great projects.

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