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CRM Software: The solution to improve the relationship with your customers

CRM software is nowadays essential to be able to develop a good commercial management and have an excellent relationship with your customers. Software CRM y la relación con tus clientes
Our service customers are the foundation of our success. Taking care of them and knowing them is a huge advantage that we must take into consideration when developing different marketing campaigns and strategies. But, how to do it? In the Web of the Entrepreneur we give you certain keys so that your service customers feel better valued, your brand image will gain and you can attract new customers through the famous service satisfaction survey

CRM software and the relationship with your customers

Software CRM y la relación con tus clientes
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Many companies with a good product, make the mistake of not listening to the opinion of their service customers, thinking that the strength of their product is enough to sustain sales, and even increase them. To circumvent this ignorance of the feelings of our customers of the service, the customer satisfaction survey of the service, which can appear in numerous forms, is born. I give you multiple examples

In a restaurant, I am sure you have experienced it more than once, you have just eaten and if something has gone wrong, you always and at all times have the need to communicate it to the cook/waiter. Something that in many occasions you don’t end up doing, because of shame, lack of time or simple laziness. But it turns out that in the opposite case (curiously it is associated to restaurants of more category), the waiter in charge of your table, approaches you multiple times throughout the service to ask you if everything is all right or if you need something

isn’t it true that in these cases you have felt more cared for and the final sensation is better? Well since this term (obviously with exceptions), it can be applied to any business. How we do it is up to us

Take advantage of the information your service customers give you with their feedback

Depending on the type of business, a satisfaction survey can be presented in multiple ways, through verbal communication, as we have seen in the restaurant example, through a paper questionnaire (curiously they also have them in many franchise restaurants), through a digital support, such as e-mail, through applications for mobile devices; in short, there are many good alternative options to know the opinion of your customers of the service first hand

In addition to this, if your company has a business management software that includes a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) module, it is really possible that it has this feature to do it in an automated way, and to be able to extract different data and statistics

But at this point, what should we ask them? This is the question we wanted to address today on the Entrepreneur’s Web

A service customer satisfaction survey is of little use if we don’t listen to it

Good questions, valuable answers in a satisfaction survey

Here are some tips and tricks for asking the right questions to get the best possible information

Focus on the improvement and not on the mistake: Easy, because it is not exactly the same to ask exactly where I made a mistake as exactly where I can improve; while in the first way we recognize that we have done something wrong, in the second way we prove that we care about being better day after day

It may seem an obvious thing, but normally, in a survey, if something has not pleased our user, he will tell it to us openly, and our claim is that they are the ones who assist us through their advice to be better and to avoid those failures

Make them participants in the decisions: It is possible that perhaps you are proposing to make some modification in the company, to offer a new product, or you are not clear to decide between 2 options for a new type of service

Straightforwardly, don’t be afraid. Let yourself be recommended, your service customers have probably tried and matched considerably more businesses like yours and can propose new ideas, new revenue streams that you may not have thought of. They will feel a part of the resolutions, and may even come back to check if their proposals have been carried out

Do not leave closed options: I am referring to the fact that certain types of questions in customer satisfaction questionnaires tend to be of the type rate from 0 to ten, choose between a or b; when we could take advantage of this circumstance to leave a window open to suggestions

Avoid obvious questions: Think about the fact that the user who is considering taking a survey that you have sent him, already has a predisposition towards your brand (remember how many of them have come to you and you have sent them directly to the trash can), so it is not necessary to ask questions such as how often do you visit us (as the answer will probably be adulterated and will be of little use to us) or the so hackneyed “would you advise us”, as a service customer who takes the time to fill in the survey obviously has confidence in your product or service and if you do things right, he will want to advise you.

Thank him for his time: And no, not only with a thank you, if you can afford it, reward him in some way (with a discount, with some kind of benefit on his next visit), because the information you are going to get will be very valuable for you, because you want him to do it again if you need it, and because in short, you are going to make him loyal

I hope that these small tips have been useful for future customer satisfaction surveys of the service you carry out, and above all, a piece of advice: let yourself be guided by your customers of the service. Are you familiar with the saying that the user is always and at all times right?

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