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5 keys to a successcful Community Manager

community manager

The Community Manager is one of the fastest growing careers in recent years, currently every company seeks to have an expert in social networks in their ranks.

community manager
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Although companies often think that hiring a person who knows how to manage Facebook or has a Twitter account with many followers is important, the role of the Community Manager goes beyond that and is a much more complex discipline within digital marketing

The main tasks of the person in charge of this task are not only to manage the accounts in the different social networks, achieve positioning, increase followers but also to create an online community to consolidate the brand along with its values and reputation within its target audience

The Community Manager must have a background in digital marketing since all the objectives of the work in social networks must be oriented to achieve the objectives outlined in the marketing plan of a company or organization

These are the five fundamental keys that every Community Manager has to know to achieve successful objectives

  1. Digital marketing: the first thing to do in a digital marketing plan focused on the work in social networks is to take into account for whom they are going to work and what they want to communicate. Any strategy for the work in social networks must be framed in “who wants and what to communicate”. One thing to keep in mind is that it is advisable to investigate the competition and even more so if you are not so familiar with the industry or the product.
  2. Planning: planning where to act and what resources to use is fundamental, for this it is necessary to create a work calendar, monitor each of the actions that are carried out and make constant reports of the advances, setbacks, strengths and weaknesses of the work.
  3. Contents: it is essential for every Community Manager to create innovative, quality, relevant and above all original contents. A Community Manager must not only know how to create a post but also how to manage and develop content for all types of media, especially audiovisual. On the Internet, text, images and video are the best resources, especially if they are of high quality, updated and unique.
  4. Budget: the work of Community Manager is not free and should be an investment for any company or institution.
  5. Commitment and organization: for any marketing campaign on social networks to be successful it is necessary that the Community Manager is committed to his work, it must be taken into account that social networks are active 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so any serious planning must take into account that there is no working hours, no office work, holidays or days off, social networks must be active and interact constantly. The Community Manager is not a slave but must have all the tools to ensure that the social networks where he acts are constantly updated with content, there are programs and applications that are ideal for this without the need for him to be present all the time, since the content can be scheduled at different times and days.
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