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Communication strategy and its merger with social media, seo and new media.

Estrategia de comunicación
Communication strategy is a highly changeable concept, I have spent a few days in which several companies have been telling me how they can enhance it and how they can organize it, since they generally find a very wide range of services, but they do not know how they can measure it

Communication and Crisis Strategy

The communication strategy in companies has changed, and this crisis also makes many intangible professionals, such as brands or impact want to propose services that the company cannot measure or does not have the capacity to control, or in the worst case the company does not have the capacity to achieve conversions. It is true that for many companies the important thing is to enhance the brand, but the big problem in this regard is that as time goes by the market also allows to achieve conversions into sales, and although of course social media allows an important interaction with users, the conversion into a product that manages to maintain or increase sales is not easy.


Communication Strategy and Social Networks

The reality is that the communication strategy today has become a great formula in which it is necessary to work at several levels, from the communication itself in social networks, which is relatively simple to use with interface and that a professional can organize or communicate, to the use of a significant volume of disciplines such as video marketing (to view on a computer or mobile devices), podcast marketing (widely used for the car travel by potential customers or users and in leisure time), themes marketing (to be used by the “crazy” of our brand that also allows us indirect conversion), soft marketing (so that people download our applications and can interact better with our brand/business), networking marketing (to establish concrete models of interaction and customer conversion), forum marketing (to work in forums in a broad way the concept of our brand as well as the option to generate positioning and conversion), seo (search engine optimization), and at least ten or twelve more disciplines in which any company will have to “struggle” sooner or later.

Communication Strategy and Strategist’s Vision

The communication strategy today has to be strategically agreed with many players that make up our potential market and has to be seen in this way by the strategist if this does not happen there will always be details that will make the objectives can be measured only by intangibles, and this may be fine, but it does not allow to know if what ultimately makes the company move forward, sales, has a clear return or not.

In fact, we are seeing all over the world that the communication strategy is beginning to have a specialization by many companies that according to their interests and business approaches take a discipline as the main one, which allows the company to position itself in the customer’s mind in a constant way, and then use the other disciplines to enhance this first one by making the user’s experience fun or enjoyable and also allows introducing concepts of interest in the mind of that potential customer.

The need of knowledge for the use of these disciplines as well as the learning curve means that not everyone can use them all and that specialization tends to be a natural step in the communication strategy.

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