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The best keys to do business on Linkedin 2014

hacer negocios en linkedin
To do business on Linkedin, first of all it is important to keep in mind that Linkedin is a social network where professionals participate and where you can contact professionals from all areas and sectors to link either to do business, look for employees, partners or share information and experiences of the profession

Doing business on Linkedin, Steps

For this reason, it is important to know some strategies to enhance your presence and in turn know how to use effectively this social network, for this follow this guide

  • First youneed to create an account, for this you have to become a member, complete the profile and add updated photos, this is important because it works as a kind of resume or curriculum of both a professional and a company, the more complete this profile there are many more possibilities.
  • Join as many Linkedingroups as possible, it is recommended that they are linked to your industry in this way you can generate a large list of contacts and this can lead to new business.
  • Use Linkedin applications: they are ideal to improve the presentation of your page on the social network, in this way those who enter to know will find a number of applications that make you can add dynamism and participation, for example there are applications to add the posts of your business or personal blog, another to tell those who follow you what books you read at this time, to make a survey, to add files through and much more.
  • It is important to post constantly this can be articles, comments, tweets in short everything you think necessary and relevant and that is also related to what you do. In the same way it should be done with third party content, this will demonstrate your desire to link with other people and companies.
  • Linkedin Mobile: this application is essential to use and it is also free, it serves mainly when you make contacts for example in a congress and while talking about a possible business you add it to your Linkedin network, it is more this Linkedin application via Bluetooth transmits the contact details of one to another.

All these tips are actually tools that you have in this social network to help you easily, effectively and successfully create a wide network of contacts and many of them can become potential customers

In addition, no digital marketing plan of a company is complete if it does not stipulate the presence in Linkedin, so we recommend you not to waste any more time and start acting in this professional social network.

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