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Blogs are products that need to evolve 2022

A few years ago, around 2000 and something, when the blogging fever started, everyone on the Internet had to have one, and writing daily was in many cases a fad that later changed, but really the focus of blogs in that case was almost always personal branding or to achieve brand impact and traffic for companies.

Over time, blogs have become products and as such they have a set of initial characteristics that were not present years ago, but it is important to emphasize that if they are not clear today, blogs will end up being left aside.

What are the key points to consider in blogs?

1.- What problem are they solving? All products must be oriented at its base to solve a problem, and in the case of blogs is no different, you must be clear that your information must solve a problem for someone who in addition to being a reader can be a potential customer.

Therefore, it is important that the content you provide is of the highest quality possible because that quality will go into the mind of someone who today is a user, but tomorrow may be a prescriber for an opportunity or directly a customer.

2.- Who is your target? The truth is that I repeat this a lot in the posts, but really the target is what makes the difference exist, that is, knowing well who are the people who read you and what they want to get when they do is what makes blogs can be profitable, and of course you can offer them in addition to information or content that can be of value to them.

If you try to sell something to a person who is not your target in the blogs, he may see it from a distant point of view and may feel that it is not for him, as it is logical, but if you offer something interesting to your target he will see it as an opportunity to take advantage of what you are selling him and possibly it will not be something negative, but in addition to being positive, it could be an important investment for that person both in product and in the time that he reads the blogs.

3.- High quality content. The quality of the content is what makes the difference in blogs and is what is positioned in the mind of the customer, with a high quality of content you get a positive impact as well as a constancy in your brand impact that you will only see over time.

4.- Consistency, and perseverance with blogs. If you write regularly you get a loyal and interesting audience, which does not mean that they agree with what you write, but if blogs are good for anything it is to make it possible to generate an exchange of opinions and information, therefore it is important to be consistent in publishing content, that does not mean you have to do it every day, but periodically, that way you get your readers to pay attention to your letters.

5.- Evolution of blogs. In addition to creating quality content, blogs need to evolve, both in terms of topics and formats. On the one hand, this evolution is brought to blogs by all the technological fields that exist, search engines, social networks, etc..

On the other hand, today everything evolves quickly and there are applications that have an impact on everything, which means that something as simple as talking about “water” becomes something that has an impact on a lot of people, because water is what everyone drinks, for example.

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