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Bathroom mirrors

Espejos de baño
We recognize beautifully decorated bathrooms by many details, paying attention to the sink, bathtub, bliss, and of course also the mirror. The mirror is a very important element in every bathroom

It is hard for us to imagine a bathroom without a mirror and is that small, large, simple or with colorful details bathroom mirrors give a certain sense of beauty and enchants the space
Bathroom mirrors are not only useful but also give a sort of shine to the bathroom


Bathroom Mirrors

Espejos de baño
Christa Grover at Pexels

Mirrors in bathrooms are a kind of source of light source, especially when we consider that the lamps built into the mirrors can contribute to the construction of a cozy atmosphere, but in addition the mirror is the central focus of the space. It is at the heart of most of the activities that take place in a bathroom and becomes the starting point from which everything moves.

This is why it is especially important to pay attention when choosing mirrors because the overall look of the space depends on it. After all, whether it’s after a morning shower or a relaxing evening bath, every day begins and ends with a mirror

Each style of mirror requires planning and a specific type of mirror. In a small bathroom you can create a great solution for space perception with several mirrors placed on more than one wall, which helps to create the impression that you have a larger amount of space, making the bathroom gain a special charm and a different look than it originally had

You can likewise opt for a large mirror, where you will just have to consider that the mirror will cost a little more work to clean because, of course, the mirror must be clean. This is a basic rule to have a nicely decorated bathroom

Don’t overlook the shape of the mirror, because beyond the size, the overall shape of the bathroom mirror is an equally important consideration. Do you want a mirror with a rectangular or oval shape? Do you prefer a perfect square or a circle? Geometric and even irregular shapes are available, you just need to make sure the shape of the mirror complements the rest of your bathroom decor

When selecting a new mirror for your bathroom, keep in mind that it’s the design details that make the big difference. There are mirrors that can contain different types of glass and colors. Intricate designs can be made on the edges with tile mosaics. There is an immense variety of types, designs, shapes and borders that you should consider. But one of the most important points is, depending on your taste and needs, to know what type of mirror you are looking for in terms of whether you want it mounted or framed

Consider the comparisons between wall mounted mirrors or framed mirrors. With a framed mirror you have the ability to easily relocate or replace it with another mirror or you can later choose a mirror that takes up the entire wall. It is for this reason that you should first think about how permanent you want the mirror you are looking for your bathroom to be

If you go with the framed mirror option, consider all the frame options that are available. There are exotic wood frames, chrome or stainless steel frames, you may even get leather and other material frames that can make your bathroom mirror take on a rather exciting style. You should also consider iron, copper and plastic as materials that can make a big change to the overall look of your space

There are also mirror frames with small pieces of mirror that create beautiful light effects with the hundreds of individual reflections. You can also go for frames with colorful designs that bring life to the space. If you like a more maritime theme you can consider frames with seashells. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination and your budget.

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